Saturday, December 31, 2011

A New Year. A New Beginning. 2012

HEY EVERYONE!! So this is it. A New Year, a New Beginning of 2012 coming in just hours from now. I wanna say today will be the last day of this "holiday hiatus". I will be kicking back into gear with the work for Crunchy Cloud Studios along with my other side projects. I guess, that's my New Years Resolution. Keep Focus. Soon enough, it'll be time to move out of here and continue life elsewhere.

I hope Everyone had a wonderful Christmas, I'm sure most of you know or have heard about the cross bow I got for Xmas from my righteous girlfriend. So far, that's all I could really predict what will go on for this new year, working on projects, practice shooting my cross bow, and killing zombies in L4D. Lol

I wish Everyone the best and an Epic New Year. I hope to hear from you all cuz you WILL hear from me ;) I'll catch you all on the New Year here on...

a pic I did for Vanessa of her bf "Super Mojon"
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Just a Quickie Pt.2

Hey Guy! Sorry it's been a long while since my previous post. Life's been... sorta crazy in a productive sense. Had a bunch of projects to do for CC Studios, other side projects, and of course my dark n' early job at Michaels. I just wanna update everyone that I have an account at this site called Behance Network. It's just another site for me to get my work out there, I have a small portfolio presented in there. I plan on updating it as frequently as possible along with this blogspot.

So that's all I got for everyone for now, I just thought I'd post a little something before I hit the sack before I go to work in about 3 and half hours. Lol Goodnight All, I'll see you all on the flip side on...

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Nothing Could Be Finer

Hey Guys! What is Good for tonight?.. For me, I'm just chillin and workin on some ish for Crunchy Cloud Studios. If I haven't mentioned the last time, Crunchy Cloud is what my friends/fellow artists have decided to call our studio.

For the past few days, I've been working on the illustration for my friend's band, Alice Practice, you should check em out on Facebook. Tonight, I think I'm done tweeking out the singer's caricature, but we'll see as I go further along cuz every time I look back on it, I always wanna change it just to experiment. Which in this case, gave me two variants. So here they are so far...

So far, I've been gettin some good feedback from some of the band members, which felt good. I can't wait til it's done being the fact that is like my second zombie illustration besides that first rough sketch. Yeah, so that's what I've been workin on. And right now, I am currently working on a rough storyboard for a concept that I have thought of for the studio to work on. It's called "One Epic Artist". There's a bunch of other great ideas that the others came up with so we'll be calling a vote for three of the best concepts to work on.

But that's all I have for right now. I'll see you guys next time with more updates on...

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Funday

What's Up Everyone! Been a long time, Crunchy Cloud Studios is in the works so I haven't quite worked on enough to post up EXCEPT this quick sketch of a zombie. Tombo came over for some test shooting for our documentary. He tested out some angles and whatnot. But here's the picture I drew...
Zombie Dude
 So with the whole comic thing that I'm trying to do, I may partner up with Tombo. I've come to except the fact that I'm not very good when it comes to plots, anything relating to story structure. Lol But yeah, he offered to write so, we may try to do that. It would be really fun and within my comfort zone.

But yeah, that's all I have for you guys right now, Tombo is still here and Vanessa has joined us, as well. Thanks for stoppin by and I'll see you all later on...

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Mere Destructive Thought

I'm not feeling like myself. And I can only really tell because my chest feels like it's caved in due to a mere thought that I had let wander through my mind. I sorta don't want to say what exactly, but what I can say as a hint, is that I do have my certain doubts on certain things. It doesn't have anything to do with my field of work, something more personal. It's just, growing up, I know things change. And that's cool and all, but if only it could be for the better or more convenient if that makes any sense. I just worry that when we move on, things could stay the way they are now or become less than what it is or what it use to be back then. Again, I know this probably doesn't make any sense or just sounds stupid, but I need to get this out somehow. It sucks when a stupid thought can do some much corrupting even if it's not true. I'm basically saying that my mind is easily corrupted, whether it's because I'm gullible, naive, easily influenced, or just plain stupid. And this feeling just makes me want to go MIA, just disappear for awhile whether it involves just getting extremely intoxicated or go on some sorta "spiritual" walk or something of that nature, anything. I wish I had enough motivation to actually "disappear" and straight up do work. I dunno, I guess in a way I'm sorta trying to tell myself that maybe I need to "upgrade". Just maybe.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

What's This?! A New BLOG POST?!?!

Heyy Guys! Been a long time, I know. I feel like it's been getting slowly but gradually harder to keep up with my posts and projects, actually. Unfortunate, I know, but I believe one of the main reasons as of right now is simply because my birthday is coming up. Lol Last week, I came to realize that the trip to Wizard World Comic Con in Austin, TX was no longer going to happen due to poor planning with the airfare, really. BUT I came up with a new plan, well plans really and that was to go to a bar with friends Thursday night (the night before my birthday) and then go out to the city with my brother Friday night. I think that's a pretty solid back up plan. Another possible distraction may be Dead Island. I've been mentioning about it lately on Facebook and it is beginning to grown on me. I'd probably still play L4D but only the second one at this point.

Recently, Elmo (Elaine) and I were talking about doing a fun group project, basically including everyone that is within our "creative" circle or "Deadline Circle". Basically, we are going to try to film and document ourselves, our projects, and what makes us "tick" as artists. So far, I only know of one project I'd like to "document" and that is BLAZER Show's: Harry Willem's Transformation, a scene taken place in a motel. I'm pretty much just gonna work on that and play it by ear until I'm across another idea or something to show. I think it would be really awesome if we were to actually pull this off. I mean, I'm 100% down to do it, I'm just concerned if everyone else is willing to do it and also how committed they would be. Like this is something where we'd have to try to meet up every now and then with progress. Not to mention a camera man. Lol I dunno, I guess we'll find out what happens as time goes by.

Now, that I actually keep thinking about it. I may try to come up with a short comic book series. I've been thinking about it for awhile now. I figured, I'm so into that style and I try to add a taste of it in my animation, why not just try to write and illustrate one, right? Because awhile back, some friends of mine at school made a short film of a "dream" scene (HUGE Heroes influence) which came out awesome, it's actually on my Facebook.. and I thought to myself, "it would be pretty neat if I were to take the dream scene video and turn it into a comic." So now, I'm thinkin maybe that'll be my "test".

That's pretty much all the news I have for ya. Hopefully, I'll get back to you guys real soon. I do plan on starting some storyboards and stuff so maybe you'll get to seem them on the next post. So until then, I'll see you guys next time on...

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bummer. Sorry =b

Hey Guys. I know it's been days since I've written anything. In the latest blog, I posted up the artwork that I was displaying for the art show last Saturday. The art show went very well. I had a couple of surprises which was seeing Ashley and Sam. <3 And Andrew, who was my Replenishment Manager at Michaels. It was really fun and there was a Capoeira performance at the second half of the show. That weekend was REALLY long but fun, as well. The night before that, Nicole and I went with my brother to two of his gigs because I had to film for him. It was mad fun and got some free drinks. We just didn't get back home until around 5 or 6am. Lol

The past week was pretty busy, actually no, it was really busy at work. And I can tell this week already, due to the October Snow, that's gonna be busy. It's just gonna be busy as SHIT for the rest of the year. Which brings me to the title of this blog. Today, I've realized how retarded and procrastinating I am. I had Nicole check online for airline tickets because we had planned to go to Austin, TX to go to the Wizard Con for my birthday. I already had purchased the tickets, but because we had waited too long, the prices have doubled and I know I'm gonna be short like 100 bucks or so and Nicole may not afford it either. Yeah, I was aware that prices were gonna go up, but if I never had split my checks to pay for my student loans, I'd be screwed and they'd be huntin me down more aggressively. Soooo, yeah, Nicole said she'd ask her pap pap about frequent flyer miles and/or see if we can find cheaper prices.

I dunno, it just bums me out because I don't really go out and when I do, it's like only to go to South Jersey/Philly and New York, which is super rare. But yeah, it's just a bummer. I'm sure if we end up not going, we'll find an alternative, it was just a nice thought to travel. It's just weird that this financial situation has gotten my mind going berserk, like all of a sudden, I wanna become more aggressive with my work and my leisure time. And when you cut right down to the core, it's basically because I wanna get out of here. I wanna sorta move on and lead a sorta different life. So yeah, there's more stuff I need to do, I know I have a list of projects, old and new, and some side projects as well. But the one's I'm going to hit first is this press kit that I have to put together for my brother and basically all the animation projects that I've had on hiatus for quite some time. I've mentioned to a lot of friends that I wanted to work on a fresh new demo reel, but first, I must complete these full-scene length animation projects for The BLAZER Show (2 proj.), Ninja Mom Pt. II, Super Dad, The Stewart Family, Facebook Creepers, and ZOMBIES. And this time, I'm gonna do every step from character sheets/rotations and storyboarding to the actual animating process.

Ever since after the art show, I just put all my work on pause. But after a week, I think it's about that Time, especially now that's getting cold as hell out. I'm just hoping I won't be too cold to the point that I would just want to stay warm in bed and not do anything else.

I think I'm done whining and "boo-boo-bee-boo"ing about the lame news. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all on the flip side here on...

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Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday. Friday. Gettin It Down On Friday.

Hey Guys! I know it's been awhile, I blame Gears of War 3! Apparently, you level up now when you play multiplayer. And who DOESN'T want to level up?? Lol =b But anyway, this week has been quite exhausting. I worked 6-11am on Sunday and then from Monday to Thursday I had 3-10:30am and 3-11am shifts. So yeah, I was pretty damn beat. And then, next week is gonna be even more busy because I'm working Sunday to Friday and Friday night, I'm going with my brother to one of his gigs in the city to film for him. And just the fact that it's in the city, I know I'm gonna be home really late.

So Monday, I'm hoping to drop my artwork off at the Raices Cultural Center in New Brunswick, where the show is being held. If not, then I'll have to return on Thursday and then Saturday night from 6-10pm is when it will start. Here is my selection of art work that I will be presenting...

There's another pieces that I am presenting there, I just don't have a digital copy for it. For each piece i have about 2-3 prints of each in case they happen to attract any buyers. I'm pretty stoked and a bit nervous. I'm curious to see what other artist will be attending there and see how embarrassing they make my work look. Lol But all in all, it'll be a fun new experience amongst my fellow artists.

Also, an opportunity has come up, I am applying for a job at where a friend of mine is currently working for. I visited their site and saw that they are in need of a flash animator and I sent everything to his boss, my resume, cover letter, website, and even my blogspot. Hopefully, I'll hear from her, my friend said he'd, too, will let me know if he hears anything so time will tell, I guess. I just really hope they do get back to me because this job will really help pay my loans back. Lol And to finally get into the path of my career. So we'll see.

So while I'll be waiting for a response, I'm gonna be working on something for my brother, which is supposedly going to be shown everywhere during their events and whatnot. So I have to make sure his picture looks real nice. I'm also going to draw up a tribute image for my replenishment team at MICHAEL'S since I'm working on a dynamic duo picture of me and Ashley. It's a replenishment thang, we like to call ourselves the "A" Team. Lol We can make or break the store, our manager says.

That's all the update I have for you guys. I'll try to shorten the gaps between my blogs. I'll catch you all on the flip side on...

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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time To Get Things Back In Order

Hello Friends! I know it's been awhile, I know diss. That's why I'm doin thiss, neeoww. Lol But yeah, the end of last month was rough.. Gears of War 3 was coming out... Dead Island was coming out... and X Men: Destiny, which I've read little about the low ratings, was coming out as well. I was standing strong for a bit, resisting to buy and even play Gears of War 3... but I failed. Tombo came over one day after he had purchased Gears 3 and we played that shit... It was and is awesome and more badass. And then, one day later, I gave in and purchased Gears 3. So far, I've beaten it once on Normal and now I'm in the process of beating it in Hardcore. I've also played some of their other modes like Horde, Beast, and Capture the Leader, which is my favorite so far. It was epic and so far I'm at level 10. Lol I keep forgetting I bought it late cuz I think it had been out for like a week til I got it. And I always think, for some odd reason, that it had "just came out" therefore there won't be anybody online who's fucking good as shit on it. I've already seen a few that are up to level 30, already. Lol

.... So that's why I haven't been doing work. Lol It's exactly why and how I feared it and predicted it. But the art show is coming up, October 22th 6pm-10pm at the Raices Cultural Center in New Brunswick, NJ. And before that, I gotta get all my prints ready and drop em off at the center on the 17th.

I had also started a rough sketch of myself and Ashley and I haven't touched it since I posted that up, but I plan on starting it over from scratch. I feel I can sketch up a more epic/dynamic image. I could've worked on it today, but I was just so beat. Monday morning's truck was just. UGH. I just knew it was gonna get a little more hectic but it's all good. But then Joe called me this morning around 3:30 asking if I would want to come in.. I said I coudn't, but in my head I said FUCK DAT". Although, I did say I could come in on Friday or even Saturday for a little bit. And now I have to come in Friday, which is fine, I have half the hours this week than the past few. But yeah, since I didn't work on it today, I plan on working on it tomorrow. Thursday, I get paid and I really really hope I can pay for both my loans and my airline tickets for Texas and enough to make prints as well. But I dunno, I haven't done the math yet and honestly, I don't feel like it, either.

So yeah, it's been a "mind-shift" for the past few days from being focused on my work to focused on playing Gears of War 3. I even started playing L4D online with Deivy again. Soooo I definitely gotta watch the video games. Lol That's all I got for you right now, if I have enough work done tomorrow, I'm gonna post it up so until then, I'll catch you guys later on...

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey Everyone! Today, I finished "Between the Lines". I was pretty much done before, but I ended up tweekin some things and added a few cracks in the walls. So I hope you guys like it, Vanessa says she loves it and I hope that's true too. Lol So here it is...

I plan on visiting the ol' high school to see my art teacher, she's cool as shit. But yeah, like I've mentioned in my last blog, this was an old piece I did during high school and I'm curious to see if she recalls the concept. So I'm gonna bring this image over there. After I finished, I chilled out for awhile and ended up hangin out with Joe from work. We watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Such a great show, we like to follow their "formation" within the group except with us, it's the replenishment team. Lol So yeah it brings good times at work.

But anyway, I got back to work and sketched out the "Arts n Crafts" picture. It's just a rough sketch basically giving you the idea of the poses and costumes. Aaaannnnnnd here it is...

And at the bottom, it's going to say "Arts n Crafts: The Dynamic Duo". Lol Despite of all the tweeking and working out the details, I can't wait til it's done... The funny thing is, I "wanted" to work on Christian's jellyfish tattoo, but I have not even started it yet. Lol Although, I do want to cuz it's different but I just keep thinking of new ideas and then begin working on them. So we'll see what happens with that, he hasn't asked about it at all since... well since the last time he asked if I could do it. So :: fart ::

That's all I got for you guys, I'll see you next time on...

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Long Night

Hey Guys! Soo yeah, it's mad late, I've been workin on some shit from like 8ish til midnight. I think that's a good amount of work time. So today, I continued to work on Vanessa's picture. I call it "Between the Lines", I actually posted the rough sketch on my last blog, the other day. It's an old concept that I had worked on during senior year of high school, except it was hand drawn traditionally. So here it is so far...

I was hoping I would have this other sketch posted up, except I just never got to it. It's basically me and Ashley side to side posing as heroes and it's gonna be called "Arts n Crafts: The Dynamic Duo", the joke is we work at MICHAELS. Lol But yeah, I'll have it posted up by tomorrow night.

That's all I really have for now, so I'll just see Everyone next time on...

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Great Saturday

What's up Everybody! Finally, my internet is back even though it's only been down for like 2 days. Lol IT FELT LIKE A FUCKING LIFETIME!! LYAHLLL!!! But nah, seriously, if it wasn't for that I probably wouldn't have gotten as much work done. I, finally, finished the wallpaper as you may see in the background. I also worked on another illustration of a small gorilla floatin around. Lol It's sorta random, but here it is...

I also started working on a picture that was suppose to be done like years ago for my friend Vanessa of the B.Team. She was very happy to see that I had finally started the rough sketch of it. Lol Here it is so far...

Great news is, Nicole had told me that the band that needed an animator really liked my work and would like to use me for their project. I believe they're finishing up the concept and will contact me next week. So that's pretty exciting, I'm really stoked about that. As for the religious children's book thing, I dunno what's going on with that, I haven't gotten any word back from the guy yet, but it's all good. =b

Today, I've decided to swing by work for some supplies. Just bought some erasers and pens so I can finish up the other Sagittarius Arrow designs. Ashely's pretty set on having the first design done, most likely on the back her neck. I'm pretty excited for her, she will then be the third person to wear my artwork.

So that's pretty much the update, I may not post again until I finish the jellyfish tattoo design for Christian. But then again, my whole day is free so I may just start and finish it by tonight. Lol Either way, I'll you all next time on...

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


vHey Guys! What's up? I gotta say, even though I have less hours this week, it felt real nice and chill to have today and yesterday off. I usually only have just Saturday off but this was a nice addition. I haven't gotten too too much done, all I really did besides those tattoo designs was, I inked in the "tribal" Sagittarius Arrow, which it came out nice. I'll show that in a little bit.. So there's some more good news, the guy who I might work with for the children's book is interested in seeing more of my work, which I had sent him last night. Also, Nicole knows a person who happens to know a band who is looking for an animator to work on some videos for them to play during their performances, that's all I really know for now. She gave the guy my business card so hopefully I will be hearing from him or the band themselves sometime soon. I was hesitant at first cuz I've sort of just got back into work mode and I don't know how strong my animating is since I've been on hiatus with it. But apparently, this is up my alley, according to the guy after he looked at my business card and saw the style I work in. So I'm pretty stoked about it, I really hope they do reach me soon.

So here's the one tattoo that I inked in..

Ashley says she loves it, all of em so far. She's been showing em around to her friends and what not. I hope she does really like them and not just being nice about it. Lol I'll have the other ones posted up when I ink those in, I just need to get some pens and stuff. Today, or tonight really, I did some work on my wallpaper. It's coming along pretty smoothly so far, I just have to paint in the flames and smoke coming from my boots and then I have to paint in the outline for the other figure and add in the flames and smoke for that one too and then I'm practically done. ^__^ And then, I was asked to draw a jellyfish tattoo from another friend, Christian. Not sure if he just wants one just to have it or if he'll actually get it, but I'm gonna do it regardless. After that, I think I'm gonna get started on my animation projects that have been on hold for months. There are two Blazer Show scenes that need to be finished, one being the "NAME ONE" scene with me and Jess on the couch and the other being "Harry Willem's Transformation/Motel" scene, which I am very excited about and I'm sure Jess would shit/piss/jizz herself if she saw it completed. So yeah, I'm gonna try to do that for that reason. Lol There's also another project I started called "Facebook Creepers" which is pretty ridiculous, that starts Nicole, our dear friend Donna, and myself. That one's gonna be awhile til it's completed but I'll keep you all posted on that. And then, there's a new Ninja Mom scene that's in pre-production and then I will also be starting the pre-production for "Super Dad". Hopefully, through the process, I will think of new and original ideas that won't involve scenarios with myself and others. I mean, I do have other projects beyond that like "The Stewart Family" and "The Big Monstrous Interruption". But honestly, I have no idea when that'll be finished, in due time I guess. =b There's another project I had done, that I plan on redoing and it's just called "ZOMBIES", and it stars myself and my homeboyz Deivy, Pat, and Tombo. I'm sorta in debate if I'm gonna keep myself in there only cuz I'm in so much of the other stuff.  BUT I love zombies and zombies has always been our "thang" and it would just be weird not to be involved in a zombie scenario without my boyz. So yeah. :: FART ::

I think that's enough chit chat for now. Again, I'll keep you guys posted with everything that's going on and shiznit. So until then, I'll see ya guys next time on...

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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Case of the Mondays Just Got Closed...

Hey Guys! How's Everyone doin? I actually don't have any updates on the wallpaper. BUT I did get my business cards printed and I've been giving them out to everyone at work. I even left one in the bathroom at work.. It's cool, it's cool, I left it on the sink. I figured it would be awkward for someone to be takin a piss and all they do is look down and see my screaming face on a little card on top of the urinal. Lol So yeah, there was that. And today, I was asked by a friend, from work her name is Ashley, and she wanted a tattoo design of a Sagittarius Arrow on the back of her neck. So I drew up three concepts in my 4x6 sketch pad and here they are...

A little "subliminal message" in there...

This is a simple one meant to go on the side of her neck if she was to choose so.

Hope she'll like them and will be able to choose one she likes the most. More good news is that, I may get a gig at doing some illustrations for a children's book, I believe it's like a 4 book series or something like that. The only thing is..... it's a religious... children's book. And I'm sure most of you know.. I aint the type. Lol But hey, work is work, right? So fuck it, it's not like I'm against it anyway... I just find it humorous in parts. =b So we'll see how that goes, I'm thinking the guy may email me back again by tomorrow, which is my day off. Ohhhh yyeeaahh! And then, I'm off Wednesday also so hopefully I'll get some work done one of those days.

So that's all I got for tonight, I may even get some shit done tonight. But I'll catch Everyone on the flip side on...

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey Guys. Sorry, I lied to you, I did not get any work done. The day just turned straight into Lazy Tuesday. Lol I started my day after work with a 3 hour nap I think and the only productive thing I did was going to Staples to give them my file of the business card to get printed, the problem was, their printer was jammed or some shit so they saved the file. After that, I went to Popeye's. Lol But this time, I was going to just get a 3pc combo. I usually get a 4pc combo with an extra side of mashed potatoes, but then I forgot how much I go there to the point the Manager remembers my order. So when I went up he automatically ordered it aaaaannnnd I just stuck with it. ^__^ I immediately got the ITIS hardcore, so I practically took multiple naps. I knew I got a lot of sleep cuz I felt so shot when I woke up for work. Maybe too much sleep compared to the amount I and my body are used to. =b

So, today, I plan on going back to Staples to see if they had printed my business cards yet. It feels sorta late in the afternoon but it's only 2. Oh yeah and today is my mom's birthday, we're all gettin together for dinner later, just hopefully I'll get a decent amount of sleep. And if we come home early enough, maybe I'll be able to do a little work on my wallpaper.

That's all I got for now, I'll catch you all later on...


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Just a Quickie

So I ended up working on my business card til like 1:30 last night, which ended up being a killer for me cuz I had to wake up by 4am. x__x But I finished and I've made a decision on which one I'm going to use which is this one...

It's a simple black and white, which a sketching of yours truly overlapping the black bars. I was going to fill in the sketch but a friend of mine, Kameele, was diggin it the way it was and after looking at it for awhile I ended up agreeing. The other ones just had too much going on for a business card, whereas this one, it's a simple black and white with enough design to attract the eye but not overwhelm.

So yeah, that's it for right now. I think I may go out and get this printed and then take a nap or vice versa. Then, hopefully, I'll get back in to working on my wallpaper. If enough gets done with that, I'll post updates later. ^__^ See ya guys later on...

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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Business. It's Business Time.

 Hey Guys! What's the action? So lately, I've been thinking about making some new business cards. And even though, they're just business cards, I wanted to make them look really good. Problem was, I couldn't think of what picture to use for the background, so I made 4 concepts and figured I'd have you guys pick out which one you like the best. The sketch in the last one, though, is actually still being worked on.

That's all I have for ya actually, didn't really do much today after work. Although, it was a long ass morning, 3am-10:30am. But then me and my friend, Joe from work, went to Pizza One for a couple of slices then I got home and pretty much passed out for like 4 hours. Then, I spent a majority of the day catching up on Wilfred (so fuckin funny). And finally, got into hardcore work mode. So I, practically, had a productive night, really. Shiiiiet, better than doing nothing I guess. =b

So, that's it, I'll catch you all with more updates next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

SHATurday: Part 2

Hello again! I think I may have found my wallpaper design, here it is..

I plan on doing the line work tomorrow, some time after work. It'll probably take a few days to finish it, but I'm still stoked about it. So that's it for tonight, I feel like I make keep working on it, but I'll post the updates tomorrow. ^__^

I'm gonna go get some grub so I'll see ya later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!


Hey Guys! I hope Everyone's enjoying their Saturday.. I know I am, being that it's my only day off. =b It's been pretty chill, all I really did was my laundry, watched Everybody Loves Raymond and Heroes (still watching Heroes), and working on some sketches for my wallpaper that I plan on using for this blogspot.

I've been having trouble with the pose and the angle I wanted my caricature to be in, so here I have a few rough sketches. I'm leaning towards the 3rd one so far until I whip up some more ideas. So here are the three...

pose 1
pose 2
pose 3
Sooooo, yeah let me know what you all think, I'd love to here some feedback. Other great news, Errol really enjoyed the image I drew for him, I believe he's actually using it for his logo or something like that. So now, I am part of his team will be his designer, which is pretty exciting and I can't wait to do more stuff for him.

This is gonna be another busy week at work. So I'm really hoping I won't be too tired to keep productive after work. I mean, I'm sure I'm gonna end up taking an hour or 2 hours napping so hopefully, I won't be too shot to do more work. And I'm not sure if you guys recall me mention those "15 min. sketch sessions" during my break, but yeah, I haven't doing those ever since I worked on Nicole's and my neighbor's tattoos, so hopefully I can get back into that. But like I said, work's gonna be busy and most likely all I'm gonna wanna do during my breaks is relax and smoke cigs. Lol But WE'LL SEE!

That's all I got for now, if anything else exciting happens or I come up with some more sketches, I'll be sure to post em up. So I'll catch you all on the flip side on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Everyone! GREAT NEWS!! I finally finished the "Flying Jock". Although, finding the skin tone for Errol's liking has been the most challenging. I'm probably gonna end up tweeking the skin tone a little bit. Lol But otherwise, it looks wayyyy better now that it's done. It's just too bad that I couldn't get it done earlier. I worked on it a little bit after work, but then I just ending laying down and crashin for a few hours. =b This was around 5:30-6 and I didn't wake up until around 8, I think. Yeah, so not much got done during the day as I'd hope. I gotta say, though, working on this picture has encouraged me to rework my blogspot wallpaper, like I had mentioned last night being that they're practically the same concept.

Thank God, I'm off tomorrow, my one and only day off. =/ And then it's another 6 day work week next week. But I plan on working on that wallpaper sketch tomorrow and who knows how far I'll get on it, maybe I'll have it colored in by tomorrow night.

So that's the update for now, I'll catch you all next time on...

Flying Jock
The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Throttle

Hey Guys! How's Everyone doin? I just wanna sorry for being all emo in my previous blog. I become very sensitive, emotional, and passionate during moments like those. =b So yeah. Lol But I do have some good news, I've been workin on the "Flying Jock" some more. The funny thing, I've realize, was when I was working on the flames and the smoke, I ended up looking back on my illustration of me with rocket boots (my blogspot wallpaper) and noticed how crappy my flames were and they didn't even have the smoke either. Lol So I, now, plan on doing a new one with some tweeking and bits of changes. I'm pretty stoked about working on that, I'm gonna incorporate my logo somewhere in it too.

So here's the "Flying Jock" so far...

I  just have to finish shading in the wrinkles in his pants and detail the money and add shading to his hands and I think that's it. Hope you guys like it, so far. It should be done by tomorrow without a doubt.

So, I'll catch ya guys later! PEACE!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to Vent

Hello Friends. Today... well today sucked. Let me list the bullshit that happened in 3's today. First, on my way to work, I find out one of my animation instructors, Dave Hoover, has pass way. Rest in peace. I find this out around 2am. Secondly, work itself sucked, unloading roughly 1900 cartons off our seasonal truck shorthanded. I was pretty damn sore and beat which my deep ass nap had amplified 3 hours later, which resulted me in being too tired to get work done. And last but not least... another good ol' fashion son and father clash, over what? GAS. And a bonus with shitty weather all night.

Now, let me explain the gas one.. I usually drive my mom to work if I'm not working at 3am.. My brother, as I'm sure I've told everyone, uses the truck about 80-85% of the time. Now, he usually makes sure there's enough gas in the tank so I could make it there and back.. Now in my head, I feel he should always make sure being that he pretty much always uses the truck. I only really use it to go to work and to drive my mom to work... Now, before I go on, I will admit I usually don't put gas in the truck before I get home, usually there's a quarter or half of that left in the tank but I usually never bring it back on E or with the gas light on unless I'm completely broke.

Now tonight's situation was, I had to drive my mom to work and I usually wait in the car while my mom is getting her stuff together. The problem was the gas light was already on when I had started it, now I had no idea if it had just turned on after my brother used it or if it had been on for awhile. Now, I didn't have my phone on me so I couldn't call my mom and tell her I was gonna get gas real quick or call my brother and ask when the light had turned on. So, I figured I'd asked my dad if I could just use his car instead, which I did. And I also figured if I was gonna put gas in it, I would just do it tomorrow morning when I leave for work... My mom's work isn't far, it's practically a few blocks away, I probably could've made there and to the gas station but I hate taking those chances, especially with my luck with this truck recently. But obviously I made the wrong decision in asking to use my dad's car cuz they both were ready to duke it out, good thing I held my dad back so no there were no swings thrown.

Point is, it was fucking stupid. Yeah, I should've just kept my mouth shit and stuck with it. So sorry. Now, they're fighting again. Cuz of me. All I ask for is just a warning, a heads up. I have no problem putting gas in it, if this was 6 months when I wasn't working, then it'd be a concern but it wasn't. I just simply did not know that the damn light was on. And the things that were said, especially by my father, did bother me cuz, well cuz we're family. But the way things are right now, it doesn't feel like, maybe it's just me, but that's how I feel. If only I'd make enough dough to find a studio or something, I'd start looking right now. Maybe I should start looking for another job or something or find a roomie cuz I definitely don't wanna be stuck in this house if this is the kind of vibe I'm gonna be feeling like, what, til we sell the house..

All this bullshit just makes me miss my home in Philly. The only drama I had to deal with were either my own or roommate drama. And I would gladly take roommate drama or family, especially if it's this bad. Now, my dad doesn't want me to let my brother use the truck and yada yada yada, like dude, I'm so over this.

I'm not asking for advice or anything, I'm just venting on how stupid this is.. Catch you guys on a brighter side.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Amah Hangah Hoomah!

Hey guys! So I was just working on the "Flying Jock" illustration and it's coming along great so far, unfortunately I can't finish it tonight cuz my ass needs to get some sleep for my 3am shift tomorrow. All I have to do is add shading to it and the flames and smoke and then it's complete. So here it is and I hope you guys like it. ^__^

Last Night

So that's it for now, I'm about to go get ready for bed and snuggle with my boo. I'll catch ya guys later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Start of a New Week

Hey Everyone! How's Everyone doin? So tonight, I was working on an illustration for a friend, Errol, and it's basically a jock flying in the sky with what seems to be some sort of rocket shoes.. which if you look in my background, it's me with rocket boots. The only difference is this one's a jock with rocket shoes and money in his hand. Although, I don't know if Errol has seen or read my blog spot, so who knows if he's aware of the similarities. Now, I told Errol I would have this done by tonight.. I'm in over my head =b I believe it was poor planning in terms of how this was drawn out because when I looked at the first sketch, I wasn't that happy, knowing that I like to draw characters in dynamic "Hero" poses. So I drew up another one the other day and I'm definitely happier with this one...

 So like I said, I wasn't too happy, the more I looked at this one and if you look at the second one, you can see why..

And tonight, I drew in a thicker construction line and added a background. I must say, I'm convinced  that having illustrations of skies full of clouds is sort of my "MO" or whatever.

Besides adding the detail lines and coloring it, I just have to add a pair of shades, the combustion flames, and smoke trails at the end. I pretty happy with the way it looks so far and I hope you guys are diggin it, too. I can't wait til its done. I'm hoping I can get it done by tomorrow night, I have work at 5am til noon, so depending how tired I am, I may have it done tomorrow. But, we'll see..

That's all the update I got for ya, so I'll catch you guys on the flip side. See ya next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 6-7

"Nah, my Nigga Lips don't Tolerate." (Jess remembered this one.)

"I nearly Farted… when I Laughed."

I was staring at Your Mom's Vagina.. In My Mind.. It looks like a Koala that got shot in the Face by a Shotgun.”

----------------------------------------------------- Conversation -----------------------------------------------------

Vanessa: What would you rather have? A Brain or a Heart?

G.Terado: Mah Dick.


A Hero's Name never dies.”

Feels like theres an Explosion Inside just chillin there... not Exploding, I guess..”

“Talk to the Hand cuz it's about to Smack You in the Face.”

“Bullets Fly when I Breathe... If That makes Sense.”

“Captain America, You're so Awesome... But You're not as Cool as Wolverine so get out of My Face.”

“You Look like You.”

“You got Tears, so cry about It.”

“The T in Terado stands for Tolerance... Tolerancerado.”

“Well, while You keep to Yourselves, We keep It Real.”

----------------------------------------------------- Conversation -----------------------------------------------------

G.Terado: 8===D

Vanessa: ( . )( . )

G.Terado: Did we just titty-fuck via text???


Oh well, I was wondering when You were going to Open the Fuck Down.”

Stop feeding Me Lies cuz I'm about to eat a 22 oz. Steak.”

Wake me up when You stop Bitchin!”

If Your Face was here, I'd drive My Truck into It.”

If I had a Vag, I'd probably Queef from laughing at a Queef Sound.”

I think I left my Mind in my Mom's Uterus.”

I'm just talking out of my Ass cuz it's bigger than my Mouth.”

You know it's really early if You don't even have Morning Wood.”

And that's the end of it so far, I hope these quotes were entertaining to read, although I'm sure majority of you think I'm disturbed =b but I. Am. A little. Lol Maybe more, who knows, fuck it. ^__^ I'll catch you all on the flip side, right now, I'm about to chill the fuck out because I was at work from 3:20am til about 1:30 and I am fuckin beat. 

So til next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!