Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday. Friday. Gettin It Down On Friday.

Hey Guys! I know it's been awhile, I blame Gears of War 3! Apparently, you level up now when you play multiplayer. And who DOESN'T want to level up?? Lol =b But anyway, this week has been quite exhausting. I worked 6-11am on Sunday and then from Monday to Thursday I had 3-10:30am and 3-11am shifts. So yeah, I was pretty damn beat. And then, next week is gonna be even more busy because I'm working Sunday to Friday and Friday night, I'm going with my brother to one of his gigs in the city to film for him. And just the fact that it's in the city, I know I'm gonna be home really late.

So Monday, I'm hoping to drop my artwork off at the Raices Cultural Center in New Brunswick, where the show is being held. If not, then I'll have to return on Thursday and then Saturday night from 6-10pm is when it will start. Here is my selection of art work that I will be presenting...

There's another pieces that I am presenting there, I just don't have a digital copy for it. For each piece i have about 2-3 prints of each in case they happen to attract any buyers. I'm pretty stoked and a bit nervous. I'm curious to see what other artist will be attending there and see how embarrassing they make my work look. Lol But all in all, it'll be a fun new experience amongst my fellow artists.

Also, an opportunity has come up, I am applying for a job at where a friend of mine is currently working for. I visited their site and saw that they are in need of a flash animator and I sent everything to his boss, my resume, cover letter, website, and even my blogspot. Hopefully, I'll hear from her, my friend said he'd, too, will let me know if he hears anything so time will tell, I guess. I just really hope they do get back to me because this job will really help pay my loans back. Lol And to finally get into the path of my career. So we'll see.

So while I'll be waiting for a response, I'm gonna be working on something for my brother, which is supposedly going to be shown everywhere during their events and whatnot. So I have to make sure his picture looks real nice. I'm also going to draw up a tribute image for my replenishment team at MICHAEL'S since I'm working on a dynamic duo picture of me and Ashley. It's a replenishment thang, we like to call ourselves the "A" Team. Lol We can make or break the store, our manager says.

That's all the update I have for you guys. I'll try to shorten the gaps between my blogs. I'll catch you all on the flip side on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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  1. LOVE THE ART WORK YOU CHOSE FOR THE SHOW! im sure everyone will too! dont forget ur an awesome artist and we all look up to your skizzizzles :)

    see you saturday! :) and relax its gunna be fun, everyones nervous lol