Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Live The BLOG

Hey Everyone, I know it's been a reeeeaaaal long time since I've blogged and this time I do apologize. I've just been drained lately from work. I guess I was wrong to say that I have adjusted to my work schedule thus allowing me to continue my work and other side projects. But shamefully, I've been neglecting my work and I sincerely apologize to those who I am working with because lately I have been thinking about what I've been doing with myself after work and to be honest, all I have been doing is taking naps and simply hangin around my home and with the B.Team. Believe me when I say that I am disappointed with myself and the way I've been living my life. It's not just my work that I've been neglecting, it is also my student loans, needless to say I really need to start saving up and paying back those loans. Now don't think I'm sittin here all emo and shit like I usually am when I rant about these sort of things, beliebe it or not, I've made peace with what I've got on my plate and how I have been handling things. I'm just simply admitting my actions or lack of I should say. I've been telling myself all weekend, starting this week I will be getting my gears goin again. Now, there is a lot that I want and have to do so organization is definitely the key here, then comes the motivation, which may take a bit but I think I'll be alright. ^__^ So that's pretty much it. I just wanted to update you guys cuz updating my Facebook status really isn't cutting it. I hope Everyone is doing well, especially my Philly friends who are kickin it at AIPh.. REPRESENT! lol... and hopefully, I will be able to plan a Philly trip cuz now that my brother dj's during the day on weekends and I work practically every morning at 5, it's been tough trying to plan a trip even for just the day. So hopefully, I'll be able to work something out, I'll definitely keep you Philly peeps posted. ^__^ So that's it, time to wrap it up and I'll catch you guys on the next update on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

P.S. Ohhhh yes I did. lol