Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey Guys, so today was sort of a rough day. Work was exhausting and then after paying my bank back, I practically spent the rest of my check for my sister's car. What sucked the most was getting rear ended on the way back from the bank.

So it's time to bust out some Zombies.. In case you haven't seen on Facebook, I am going to raise up the prices for ZOMBIFIED. Instead of it costing $20 per digital copy and $25 per print, it will now be $30 per digital copy and $35 per print. I tagged people from my client list to see what they had to say and I will go with the majority's decision. So far, they're giving me the green light. And I've gained a few more clients, which made me feel a lot better.

This morning, at work, I also came up with a neat idea.. At work, we sell these little toys and key chains called Doodle Budz, which you get to color and decorate yourselves. So basically, I'm going to buy a bunch of key chains and design them based off of the ZOMBIFIED Zombies! I dunno, it sounds like a good and fun idea to me. I probably won't have a prototype until a few weeks from now, but I will definitely keep you posted.

That's all I have for now, I will catch you all latas.

Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey Everyone, how goes it? So far things are lookin alright on my end, the ZOMBIFIED project is moving along quite well! As I'm zombifying people, the client list continues to grow bit by bit. So that's good. I recently made a ZOMBIFIED banner featuring the first ten Zombies..

I also finished Zombie #11, which I will be posting up on my Facebook page soon. For now here's a little teaser..

I wonder who that is....... ;) Anways, August is approaching fairly quick and I remember a long time ago, I was talking about projects to include in my next demo reel. So starting August, I'm gonna get back into the grind with that, hopefully I won't have to push it back any further. With that said, this is gonna be test to see if I can even distribute my time for all these projects I have ahead of me.

That's all I got for now, I should actually be sleeping by now considering I have to be at work by 4am. So good night all, I will see ya on the flip side!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey Everybody! So I've been keepin busy, as busy as possible. Mainly with ZOMBIFIED and trying to find another or better job and updating my online portfolios. I've just recently finished Zombie #9 moments ago and here it is.. Everyone, meet Kyle "Super Kyle" Ricker!

Not quite sure why, but I've put a lot of hours on this particular one or at least it feels that way because I didn't work on him for a couple of days. Where I left off, I had the basic sketch of him and then today, I worked on the detail and everything else until completion. So I hope you guys like this one.

Other than that, I updated my deviantART with the ZOMBIFIED album containing all 9 Zombies. Tomorrow, I plan on starting Zombie #10 and hopefully finishing it later that night.

Awhile back, in one of my blog entries, I may have mentioned doing a "spin off" sorta thing of ZOMBIFIED. I think I might call it "ZOMBIFIED: Survivor" or something like that until I think of a better name. =b Pretty much, anyone who has or hasn't been ZOMBIFIED and would like to illustrated as a geared up Zombie Survivor, then that's what's gonna happen. I think I'll start it if I zombify 20 people or maybe raise a fair amount of money first. We'll see...

Speaking of money, in my last blog post, I was complaining about how bad my financial situation had been and everything. I've been sorta suckin it up but I still feel bad because it definitely threw me and my brother off with rent and groceries and everything and I just feel generally bad about it. My last check came in and brought me to about -$177, which is a lot better than where it was at before. Hopefully, with this next check, it will bring me up to enough where I can split the rest with my bro and still have a little for myself. It's been a rough couple of weeks being straight up broke. I'm definitely going to avoid that if it comes up again.

On a plus side, I found a job offer on Craigslist from Dah Entertainment Inc and luckily, they responded to my email. We both agreed that this project is right up my alley. Basically, they need a 2d animator to animate about a 1.5 - 2 minutes fight scene along with some character designs for their website and to promote their Kickstarter campaign. They need the video done by the end of August and they sent me a script. My only concern is the communication isn't as frequent as I was hoping, but I'll just grab their attention with some results or something. And although, I do not know how much I will be paid, but I will get half in the beginning and then the rest when I finish.

So that's pretty much all I got going for me, right now. I hope Everyone is doing well and uhh.... I guess that's it for now. Don't forget to stay tuned to my deviantART, Facebook, and my Behance Network page as I will be updating them as frequent as possible.

Catch you All on the flip side, PEACE!!!

I think I might make a banner of the first 10, hmmm...

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tag, They're DEAD

Hey Guys, so today was pretty much a bad day. Long story short, I over drafted in my bank account, thinking it was only by $9 until I find out it was actually over $400 because I forgot to cancel a loan payment. So because it went through on Sunday, I've been getting over draft fees since then. So I have about a week to bring the negatives to at least 0 before I get an additional fee and eventually lose my account. And my only option is to let the bank take my entire check, which I'm sure I'll still be short some money...

Which brings me to this, as much as I love all you guys, I really CANNOT do any free zombifications. I need to be able sell the copies. And since you guys have been doing such a great job spreading the word and everything, I really need you to continue spreading the word. As far as I know, I'm gonna be broke for about 3 weeks unless I make some sales.

So far, there are 8 zombies (#8 being a double feature)

(From left to right) Leeny Coronel, Vanessa Fernandez, Will Rivera, Jeni Mastrangelo, Teresa Igler, Tyron Hatcher, Lisa Millan, Gianessa and Zayda Fernandez

So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue to tell your friends and families about me, if anyone has questions about ZOMBIFIED, just visit my Facebook page and you'll find the details in the ZOMBIFIED album.

Thanks for taking the time to swing by my blogspot, I will be starting Zombie #9 on Monday, so stay tuned for updates on that. See ya laterz!