Monday, July 23, 2012


Hey Everyone, how goes it? So far things are lookin alright on my end, the ZOMBIFIED project is moving along quite well! As I'm zombifying people, the client list continues to grow bit by bit. So that's good. I recently made a ZOMBIFIED banner featuring the first ten Zombies..

I also finished Zombie #11, which I will be posting up on my Facebook page soon. For now here's a little teaser..

I wonder who that is....... ;) Anways, August is approaching fairly quick and I remember a long time ago, I was talking about projects to include in my next demo reel. So starting August, I'm gonna get back into the grind with that, hopefully I won't have to push it back any further. With that said, this is gonna be test to see if I can even distribute my time for all these projects I have ahead of me.

That's all I got for now, I should actually be sleeping by now considering I have to be at work by 4am. So good night all, I will see ya on the flip side!

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