Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 5

"NO! Don't make 2 of Me! If you make 2 G. Terados, They'll just fight each other!"

"How are you suppose to take Control of your Life when Money takes Control of You?"

"It's either Him or NOT Me."

"This Song is SO Epic! It make my Dick wanna run away from Me."


"Yeah, cuz I only have 2 Characters to Animate plus a Lip Sync, but thats all in like 25 Frames or so… Not a lot of Frames but a good amount of Detail… like mah DICK!!!"
"Ahmah Hangah Hoomah!"

"AW! This Smells Good!… It Smells like mah DICK!!"

"Jean-Claude o'clock."


"You're the Ocean and I'll go with the Flow."

"Oh I will Roar louder than Simba's mom giving birth."

"My Fecal Deliverance has been Flawless, thank you very much."

"A Hospital does own a Vagina, by the way, that's where all the Doctors and Nurses come from."

"You made a Fecal Decision."

---------------------------------------------------- Conversation -----------------------------------------------------

Kieran: Sounds corn beefy

G.Terado: Corn queefy

Kieran: That's gross. I imagine a quiff with corn flying out

G.Terado: Ew and red meat chunks

Kieran: God that's gross

G.Terado: Yeah…. I'm gonna go smear some corned beef in my face now

Kieran: Lol i'm gonna smear corn beef on my toilet bowl.

G.Terado: Lol i'm gonna spread corned beef all over mah Dick and balls with a 2 by 4

Kieran: What the fuck dude. I don't like where this is going lol


To Be Continued...

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 4

"It's like Swimming through a Techno Toolbox."

"I eat the Girl Scouts, not the Girl Scout Cookies."

"I feel like my Forehead's a Cinder Block."

"That Shit was Burnin like a Ginger's Nipple Piercing."

"Being in the Wrong State of Mind is like Being a Student who was held back. When you're in the Wrong State of Mind, you're in that Same State but not on the Same Level. When you're a Student who was held back, you're still in the Same School just not in the Same Grade Level because.. because you Were in the Wrong State of Mind."

"That Sounds Dangerous for my Anus."

"That's because Feces and I have a Connection."

"I wanna Eat a fucking Steak or I'll Kill Spider Man."

"Yo, I'ma Play that Asshole like a Xylophone."

"She Hits the G Spot of My External."

"She's a Delicate Flower... that I Pee on when I'm Drunk."

"Yeah, I'll be Sizzlin' in the Sun, but I'm always Well-Done."

"Mmm Cold and Tasty.. it's almost like Hitting Two Birds with One Stone."

"My Dick's got a USB Chord on it."

"When a Sneeze comes out.. the Nipples come out too."

"Your Face makes me want to Kill my whole Family."

"Yo, watch, you're gonna get a Facial of Nice Things I do for You."

"So F You in the Face."

"I'm Love It."

"Yo Princeton High? Damn, I must've lucked out, I went to Princeton Low and I didn't learn Shit!"

"You should just put his Dick on a Frying Pan… without the Vegetable Oil."

"It's like an Angel Jizzed in my Mouth."

"It was like a Punch in the Mouth.. but a Delicious Punch."

To Be Continued...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 3

"I'm gonna be a Chimney."

"What if it's so Dark that it's White?"

"You shut your Mouth before I replace your Mouth with your Anus."

"Yeah... Smells like Art."

"Like a Baby's Butt-hole with Baby Powder on it."

"I will Smite Thee if need be."

"Feels like my Taste Buds are having a Mosh Pit in my Mouth."

"I can't understand your Lies, can you translate that into Truth?"

"Your Ears are gonna Ejaculate when you hear my Song."

"Do I look like the kind of guy who messes with Beans? If I had Beans, my Ass would be Roaring like a Lion during Mating Season."

"You better Hope I don't Imagine You as a Banana cause I'ma peel the Fuck out of You."

"Oh yeah? I went down your Mom's List."

"I'll Coffee Bean you... that means I'm gonna drop little pieces of shit in your Mouth."

"I'm not gonna say anything cause... Cause I'm under the Radar."

"Feels like Someone's pissing in my Eyes... That's how badly burning the Light is."

"It's like there's little Tribal Men running around angry cause their Food was stolen."

"It's a Dead Body, you can make it fit Anywhere."

"Change your Face, not your Hair Style."

"Tastes like Sparkles."

"We're gonna forget that the Sun is out there today."

"You wanna turn off the Window?"

"For me, Music helps Paint the Scenery. It adds Color to the Mood."

"I gotta Pee so bad it feels like my Dick is Barking at me."

"That tasted Colorful."

To Be Continued...

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 2

Didn't think the first page is gonna do its justice so here's the second one. ^__^

"I'm about to have a Boner so I can smack you with it."

"You know what the Difference is between me and the Caterpillar, I'm a Man."

"My Hair has to hang out like a Lion."

"Your Face makes me wanna Shit out of my Dick."

"Red hair is like Fire and people with Fiery hair are from Hell."

"G stands for General Defense."

"Don't talk Shit about Poop, talk Poop about Shit."

"All I asked for was a Life, but it looks like I got myself a Dangerous one."

"I had like 3 things to type, but I forgot."

"I never thought I would pass the class because I always Sleeped and shit."

"We need to have an Intermission." (While packing a bowl)

"I wanted to call you 'Moist Meat Sack' but I didn't have service."

"Moist Cunt."

"... oh yeah."


"Yo, yo, my bad Noel, I blew smoke in your face.. Ah fuck it, never mind man, I don't give a Fuck."

"You gotta wipe your Bowling Ball before you bowl."

"Do you wanna Fight or do you wanna Flight?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can't understand you, there's Jizz spraying in your Mouth."

"You are a Green Mess."

"I feel like I should have a Sword right now.. oh wait I Do."

"I'm gonna Kick You in the Balls from behind.. get a Foot Scoop."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was stroking Myself while you were speaking."

"My Ball Sack's gonna Punch you in the Face."
To Be Continued...

Quotes-Too Far Page 1

First, let me just say, the first page is a little weak compared to the rest of the 6 pages but still kinda whack. So I hope you guys will still enjoy reading.

"Yo, I'm G. Terado and I Fuck the SHIT!"

"With our Powers combined, we make One Normal Person!"

"With two Disfunction, there's a Function."

"Feel the Flow, let your Hands move like the Ocean."

"How's that Vitamin G?"

"Friction. You see we got the Spark now, all we gotta do is Light the Flame."

"I dunno if I should be Disturbed or Turned On."

"G. Terado likes it Raw."

"It's just Feces."

"When a Tree Falls, does it make a Sound? Yeah, the other fucking Trees over there hear it. And they're Pissed."

"So, how does that hit? Nice? Like getting fucked in the ass by a Horse Nice?"

"I'm not the Math Guy."

"What's up with that baby?"

"Oh my God, I'm about to cough up something Demonic."

"He wants to get in your pants... And my Fist wants to get in His Face."

"I don't need anything to be done to my Rock n' Roll hair because it's fucking Rocking."

"You remember that one night when you got wasted? Yeah, that never happened."

"Make it all crazy, make it all whack. So you can be like Yeah, I'm fucking Kinky and you're gonna love it."

"The only thing that's doing its job is Existence."

"I hope you don't look at me like that or I'll have to Eat Your Face."

"That was Super Sonic Loud Speed."

"I feel like I'm drinking Tea with George Washington."

"If I wanted crack, I would've called a Dealer not Your Ass."

To Be Continued...

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'll Be Riding In The Eye Of The STORM.... in my mind.

Ohhhhhhhh SHAT! The storm is UPON US! LYAAAAAAHHHHHLLLL!!!! Anyway, I have the second concept for my friend's tattoo, so check em out...

My friend, Tyron, seemed pretty happy with the the look I gave the Devil. So I just kept it and drew him out holding Ty up in a different pose. The sketches are small, 4x6, so who knows if the tattoo artist actually uses one of the designs or uses them as reference. I may actually consider turning this into a pastel or charcoal piece for the art show... hm.

So depending on how our electricity stands through this storm that we're suppose to have, I may just put on the Rocket Boots and work on and finish my other friend, Errol's illustration, this one's fun and right up my alley. So hopefully, on my next blog I'll have the illustration up.

If this storm does hit us hard, I wish for everyone a safe weekend. My ass has to work Sunday at 5am. FAIL. See ya guys next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Pee eSs! Starting Sunday, I will be posting up 1 of 7 pages each day of a document I call "The Stuff of G.Terado: Quotes-Too Far". Said comments by yours truly. If you truly know me.. Then, you'll have a delicious taste of what's ahead.

Thursday, August 25, 2011


kjfgkjsfhgksdbkbsdkb Friends! I finally finished the concept for my friend's tattoo, so here it is...

I plan on working on another concept, same idea but just in a different pose and what not. So when I have that done, I'll have it posted up.

After work today, I bought a few supplies, bought some pens and erasers and also an easel so I'm pretty stoked to get some work done for the upcoming art show in October. I need to make some copies of all my work to display and sell and to make new business cards to give out, so this should be fun. That's it for now, I'll try to have some more stuff to put up soon.

Til then, see ya guys on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Will Feel Again

(If you're a Killswitch Engage fan, you'll definitely like Times of Grace ft. Jesse Leach & Adam D.)

Hey Everyone! Thought I'd leave a little blog before getting ready for bed, got myself another 3am shift tomorrow and then one more this Thursday. FAHCK! =b Anyway, I didn't get to sketch anything this morning during my breaks, I was just too tired being the fact that I didn't get enough sleep last night. The good news is I did color in Nicole's tattoo design, so here it is...

 The Gee Eff seems to like it so that makes me happy and satisfied. It's been months since I've picked up a pencil and pad so I feel a sense of achievement there. ^__^ Now, I just need to work on my friend's tattoo and another friend's picture. I plan on bringing my sketch pad to work again but who knows if I'll be up for sketching. These 3am truck days really do drain me so :: fart :: we'll see.

So, that's all I got for tonight, I hope you guys enjoyed the song up top and the tattoo design. I'll you guys later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Crazy mini t-storms today, Thor must be out for JUSTICE!! Anyway, work today was alright, it got a little hectic towards the end not to mention they asked me to stay longer to perform a drawing demo for kids. It was cool, I basically got to draw on these trading card sized sketching sheets for 2 hours. I did manage to catch a small crowd's attention for a bit which was a cool feeling, I also got to influence a couple of kids to draw with me for a bit and I drew a couple of caricatures of the kids that joined and gave it to them to take home, that was nice. AND I did manage to have a short drawing sesh during my break, which I started a tattoo design for my girlfriend, Nicole, that should've been drawn out a long while ago. =b Although, I didn't get to finish it during break, surprisingly I picked up the pad again and finished while we were watching Castle. Great show and we're still watching it... Anyway, here's the sketch..

It's, basically, a Yin-Yang but with roses. Not sure, but I think I may ink in the outline and maybe color it in tonight, if not tomorrow. Either way, I plan on posting it up once it's done. Now that I think about it, I probably should've taken those little sketches, that I did, home. I would've posted them up too. I probably did about 9 of them including the 2 caricatures. Poop. Anyway, I did enjoy the experience even though I was pretty nervous cuz I have never done a demo at work before and I am very vulnerable to stage fright. o__O Another cool thing was that a customer was interested in having my work on her scrapbook, basically, to fill in the spaces with little characters and such. So I gave her my contact info and if she actually does reach me, I'd be happy to do for her, I mean shit she even offered to pay so why not, right?

So that's pretty much what happened today, I'm not sure if I'll actually sketch anything tomorrow being that fact I have to go in at 3am which usually ALWAYS results me being pretty beat during both my 15 and 30 minute breaks. We'll see what happens.

Until then, I'll catch you all later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Doing Work at Work in the Workforce

Hello Friends, so today I was thinkin to myself about getting back into my sketchbook and how to spend my 15 minute breaks alone besides smoking cigs and I came to this idea.. Perhaps I should give myself 10-15 minute sketching sessions. Sounds fun and it would be perfect to just start sketching again, especially considering the fact that I'm always at work like 5-6 days a week and usually too tired to do something like that after work. I plan on trying this out tomorrow since I'll only be having a 15 minute break and most likely will be alone during it and I will be using my 4x6 sketch pad cuz I don't really feel like bring my bigger ones unless I'm going to the park or somethin. I just hope I will be consistent with these "sessions" even when I'm really beat during my lunch breaks, but I guess I'll find out Monday.

That's all I have for tonight, but before I conclude this blog, I just want everyone to know that I had recently signed up to participate at an art show on October 22nd.. I think, I'll have to check and it will be held in New Brunswick, NJ. I'll post more details when I check it out. My friend and fellow artist, Elaine Morales, is pretty involved in this event so if you're friends with her on Facebook, I believe you can find out more on her page. So if you happen to be in the area, pay a visit, there will be tons of great artwork!

So until next time, I'll catch you all later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now My Eyes Are Open

Wow... yeah, I know. It's been an ass long time since I've blogged. I've noticed as I was blogging more about what's been going on in my end and it just seemed like it was getting more and more depressing, and work was just draining me to the point where I could barely stay awake during the day whenever I'm hanging out with Nicole, like I was taking multiple naps that would last a good couple of hours which was a shitty feeling. Fortunately, I sorta "grew" out of it and actually adjusted to my work and sleep schedule. So lately, if I do take a nap, it's only one 2 hour nap. Lol That's better to me, at least. =b

Now, I know I've been posting a lot about my house situation, how it's on the market right now, and that we've been having visitors coming to check out the house, which still sorta bums me out. Keep your chin up, right? I'm workin out it. ;)

Unfortunately, I do not have any new material to post up yet. But I do have these new "little projects" that I'm working on: a tattoo design for my neighbor/oldest friend Tyron, a characters for another friend, Errol and I've been considering hardcore about working on some new charcoal/pastel pieces. Another thing is, I've been jammin on the guitar again, sorta rekindling my "passion" for music again, so I'm pretty happy that I'm beginning to feel this groove again. It's been too long, I want to work on a new demo reel, to be honest. So there's gonna be some new material that I going to work on. There's so much I want to do now for some reason, it's like my "inner artist" went on sleep-mode or some shit. Lol It is a late realization, but at least my eyes are open now. And that is why I chose this song up top for this blog. Ever since I found out about this band Times of Grace who is Jesse Leach (first vocalist of KsE) and Adam D. (guitarist/back up vox of KsE). Jesse Leach is back. That is awesome. It's basically KsE.. but better. That's my opinion. The point is KsE and now this band plays a big part for my inspirations when it comes to my work. It's a good feeling.

Other than that, I've just been working a lot. I've been hangin with a couple of them, Teresa and Joe, we've all been going out for lunch right after work a couple of times. We hung out last night and I had Teresa cut my hair, she took about 4 inches off.. Pretty short, definitely gotta remember that it's short now cuz I've been forgetting until someone brings it up. Lol My friends there definitely make it fun to be at work including everyone else at work. So it's good now that I'm makin some dough. Although, a lot of it is going towards the truck because there is always something wrong with it. Just recently replaced this piece that was causing the truck to jump as you are driving which was almost ready to go out at any time, it cost like 300 bucks.. FAHCK! Yeah, and now it's been stalling on me, so far 4 times... Yea, I'm a little bugged out about it. Oh and our passenger window is broken.... And it's stuck all of the way down. WIDE FUCKING OPEN. Lol Shat! It sucks. x__x

So that's all I gots for ya for now. Until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!