Monday, August 29, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 3

"I'm gonna be a Chimney."

"What if it's so Dark that it's White?"

"You shut your Mouth before I replace your Mouth with your Anus."

"Yeah... Smells like Art."

"Like a Baby's Butt-hole with Baby Powder on it."

"I will Smite Thee if need be."

"Feels like my Taste Buds are having a Mosh Pit in my Mouth."

"I can't understand your Lies, can you translate that into Truth?"

"Your Ears are gonna Ejaculate when you hear my Song."

"Do I look like the kind of guy who messes with Beans? If I had Beans, my Ass would be Roaring like a Lion during Mating Season."

"You better Hope I don't Imagine You as a Banana cause I'ma peel the Fuck out of You."

"Oh yeah? I went down your Mom's List."

"I'll Coffee Bean you... that means I'm gonna drop little pieces of shit in your Mouth."

"I'm not gonna say anything cause... Cause I'm under the Radar."

"Feels like Someone's pissing in my Eyes... That's how badly burning the Light is."

"It's like there's little Tribal Men running around angry cause their Food was stolen."

"It's a Dead Body, you can make it fit Anywhere."

"Change your Face, not your Hair Style."

"Tastes like Sparkles."

"We're gonna forget that the Sun is out there today."

"You wanna turn off the Window?"

"For me, Music helps Paint the Scenery. It adds Color to the Mood."

"I gotta Pee so bad it feels like my Dick is Barking at me."

"That tasted Colorful."

To Be Continued...

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