Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 1

First, let me just say, the first page is a little weak compared to the rest of the 6 pages but still kinda whack. So I hope you guys will still enjoy reading.

"Yo, I'm G. Terado and I Fuck the SHIT!"

"With our Powers combined, we make One Normal Person!"

"With two Disfunction, there's a Function."

"Feel the Flow, let your Hands move like the Ocean."

"How's that Vitamin G?"

"Friction. You see we got the Spark now, all we gotta do is Light the Flame."

"I dunno if I should be Disturbed or Turned On."

"G. Terado likes it Raw."

"It's just Feces."

"When a Tree Falls, does it make a Sound? Yeah, the other fucking Trees over there hear it. And they're Pissed."

"So, how does that hit? Nice? Like getting fucked in the ass by a Horse Nice?"

"I'm not the Math Guy."

"What's up with that baby?"

"Oh my God, I'm about to cough up something Demonic."

"He wants to get in your pants... And my Fist wants to get in His Face."

"I don't need anything to be done to my Rock n' Roll hair because it's fucking Rocking."

"You remember that one night when you got wasted? Yeah, that never happened."

"Make it all crazy, make it all whack. So you can be like Yeah, I'm fucking Kinky and you're gonna love it."

"The only thing that's doing its job is Existence."

"I hope you don't look at me like that or I'll have to Eat Your Face."

"That was Super Sonic Loud Speed."

"I feel like I'm drinking Tea with George Washington."

"If I wanted crack, I would've called a Dealer not Your Ass."

To Be Continued...

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  1. Gee Terado Fucks the Shit! (Always a Classic)