Friday, August 26, 2011

I'll Be Riding In The Eye Of The STORM.... in my mind.

Ohhhhhhhh SHAT! The storm is UPON US! LYAAAAAAHHHHHLLLL!!!! Anyway, I have the second concept for my friend's tattoo, so check em out...

My friend, Tyron, seemed pretty happy with the the look I gave the Devil. So I just kept it and drew him out holding Ty up in a different pose. The sketches are small, 4x6, so who knows if the tattoo artist actually uses one of the designs or uses them as reference. I may actually consider turning this into a pastel or charcoal piece for the art show... hm.

So depending on how our electricity stands through this storm that we're suppose to have, I may just put on the Rocket Boots and work on and finish my other friend, Errol's illustration, this one's fun and right up my alley. So hopefully, on my next blog I'll have the illustration up.

If this storm does hit us hard, I wish for everyone a safe weekend. My ass has to work Sunday at 5am. FAIL. See ya guys next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Pee eSs! Starting Sunday, I will be posting up 1 of 7 pages each day of a document I call "The Stuff of G.Terado: Quotes-Too Far". Said comments by yours truly. If you truly know me.. Then, you'll have a delicious taste of what's ahead.

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