Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 5

"NO! Don't make 2 of Me! If you make 2 G. Terados, They'll just fight each other!"

"How are you suppose to take Control of your Life when Money takes Control of You?"

"It's either Him or NOT Me."

"This Song is SO Epic! It make my Dick wanna run away from Me."


"Yeah, cuz I only have 2 Characters to Animate plus a Lip Sync, but thats all in like 25 Frames or so… Not a lot of Frames but a good amount of Detail… like mah DICK!!!"
"Ahmah Hangah Hoomah!"

"AW! This Smells Good!… It Smells like mah DICK!!"

"Jean-Claude o'clock."


"You're the Ocean and I'll go with the Flow."

"Oh I will Roar louder than Simba's mom giving birth."

"My Fecal Deliverance has been Flawless, thank you very much."

"A Hospital does own a Vagina, by the way, that's where all the Doctors and Nurses come from."

"You made a Fecal Decision."

---------------------------------------------------- Conversation -----------------------------------------------------

Kieran: Sounds corn beefy

G.Terado: Corn queefy

Kieran: That's gross. I imagine a quiff with corn flying out

G.Terado: Ew and red meat chunks

Kieran: God that's gross

G.Terado: Yeah…. I'm gonna go smear some corned beef in my face now

Kieran: Lol i'm gonna smear corn beef on my toilet bowl.

G.Terado: Lol i'm gonna spread corned beef all over mah Dick and balls with a 2 by 4

Kieran: What the fuck dude. I don't like where this is going lol


To Be Continued...

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  1. hAHAHA those were the days mang. This is definitely one of the best conversations I've had the honor to be a part of.