Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bummer. Sorry =b

Hey Guys. I know it's been days since I've written anything. In the latest blog, I posted up the artwork that I was displaying for the art show last Saturday. The art show went very well. I had a couple of surprises which was seeing Ashley and Sam. <3 And Andrew, who was my Replenishment Manager at Michaels. It was really fun and there was a Capoeira performance at the second half of the show. That weekend was REALLY long but fun, as well. The night before that, Nicole and I went with my brother to two of his gigs because I had to film for him. It was mad fun and got some free drinks. We just didn't get back home until around 5 or 6am. Lol

The past week was pretty busy, actually no, it was really busy at work. And I can tell this week already, due to the October Snow, that's gonna be busy. It's just gonna be busy as SHIT for the rest of the year. Which brings me to the title of this blog. Today, I've realized how retarded and procrastinating I am. I had Nicole check online for airline tickets because we had planned to go to Austin, TX to go to the Wizard Con for my birthday. I already had purchased the tickets, but because we had waited too long, the prices have doubled and I know I'm gonna be short like 100 bucks or so and Nicole may not afford it either. Yeah, I was aware that prices were gonna go up, but if I never had split my checks to pay for my student loans, I'd be screwed and they'd be huntin me down more aggressively. Soooo, yeah, Nicole said she'd ask her pap pap about frequent flyer miles and/or see if we can find cheaper prices.

I dunno, it just bums me out because I don't really go out and when I do, it's like only to go to South Jersey/Philly and New York, which is super rare. But yeah, it's just a bummer. I'm sure if we end up not going, we'll find an alternative, it was just a nice thought to travel. It's just weird that this financial situation has gotten my mind going berserk, like all of a sudden, I wanna become more aggressive with my work and my leisure time. And when you cut right down to the core, it's basically because I wanna get out of here. I wanna sorta move on and lead a sorta different life. So yeah, there's more stuff I need to do, I know I have a list of projects, old and new, and some side projects as well. But the one's I'm going to hit first is this press kit that I have to put together for my brother and basically all the animation projects that I've had on hiatus for quite some time. I've mentioned to a lot of friends that I wanted to work on a fresh new demo reel, but first, I must complete these full-scene length animation projects for The BLAZER Show (2 proj.), Ninja Mom Pt. II, Super Dad, The Stewart Family, Facebook Creepers, and ZOMBIES. And this time, I'm gonna do every step from character sheets/rotations and storyboarding to the actual animating process.

Ever since after the art show, I just put all my work on pause. But after a week, I think it's about that Time, especially now that's getting cold as hell out. I'm just hoping I won't be too cold to the point that I would just want to stay warm in bed and not do anything else.

I think I'm done whining and "boo-boo-bee-boo"ing about the lame news. Thanks for reading and I'll see you all on the flip side here on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Friday. Friday. Gettin It Down On Friday.

Hey Guys! I know it's been awhile, I blame Gears of War 3! Apparently, you level up now when you play multiplayer. And who DOESN'T want to level up?? Lol =b But anyway, this week has been quite exhausting. I worked 6-11am on Sunday and then from Monday to Thursday I had 3-10:30am and 3-11am shifts. So yeah, I was pretty damn beat. And then, next week is gonna be even more busy because I'm working Sunday to Friday and Friday night, I'm going with my brother to one of his gigs in the city to film for him. And just the fact that it's in the city, I know I'm gonna be home really late.

So Monday, I'm hoping to drop my artwork off at the Raices Cultural Center in New Brunswick, where the show is being held. If not, then I'll have to return on Thursday and then Saturday night from 6-10pm is when it will start. Here is my selection of art work that I will be presenting...

There's another pieces that I am presenting there, I just don't have a digital copy for it. For each piece i have about 2-3 prints of each in case they happen to attract any buyers. I'm pretty stoked and a bit nervous. I'm curious to see what other artist will be attending there and see how embarrassing they make my work look. Lol But all in all, it'll be a fun new experience amongst my fellow artists.

Also, an opportunity has come up, I am applying for a job at where a friend of mine is currently working for. I visited their site and saw that they are in need of a flash animator and I sent everything to his boss, my resume, cover letter, website, and even my blogspot. Hopefully, I'll hear from her, my friend said he'd, too, will let me know if he hears anything so time will tell, I guess. I just really hope they do get back to me because this job will really help pay my loans back. Lol And to finally get into the path of my career. So we'll see.

So while I'll be waiting for a response, I'm gonna be working on something for my brother, which is supposedly going to be shown everywhere during their events and whatnot. So I have to make sure his picture looks real nice. I'm also going to draw up a tribute image for my replenishment team at MICHAEL'S since I'm working on a dynamic duo picture of me and Ashley. It's a replenishment thang, we like to call ourselves the "A" Team. Lol We can make or break the store, our manager says.

That's all the update I have for you guys. I'll try to shorten the gaps between my blogs. I'll catch you all on the flip side on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Time To Get Things Back In Order

Hello Friends! I know it's been awhile, I know diss. That's why I'm doin thiss, neeoww. Lol But yeah, the end of last month was rough.. Gears of War 3 was coming out... Dead Island was coming out... and X Men: Destiny, which I've read little about the low ratings, was coming out as well. I was standing strong for a bit, resisting to buy and even play Gears of War 3... but I failed. Tombo came over one day after he had purchased Gears 3 and we played that shit... It was and is awesome and more badass. And then, one day later, I gave in and purchased Gears 3. So far, I've beaten it once on Normal and now I'm in the process of beating it in Hardcore. I've also played some of their other modes like Horde, Beast, and Capture the Leader, which is my favorite so far. It was epic and so far I'm at level 10. Lol I keep forgetting I bought it late cuz I think it had been out for like a week til I got it. And I always think, for some odd reason, that it had "just came out" therefore there won't be anybody online who's fucking good as shit on it. I've already seen a few that are up to level 30, already. Lol

.... So that's why I haven't been doing work. Lol It's exactly why and how I feared it and predicted it. But the art show is coming up, October 22th 6pm-10pm at the Raices Cultural Center in New Brunswick, NJ. And before that, I gotta get all my prints ready and drop em off at the center on the 17th.

I had also started a rough sketch of myself and Ashley and I haven't touched it since I posted that up, but I plan on starting it over from scratch. I feel I can sketch up a more epic/dynamic image. I could've worked on it today, but I was just so beat. Monday morning's truck was just. UGH. I just knew it was gonna get a little more hectic but it's all good. But then Joe called me this morning around 3:30 asking if I would want to come in.. I said I coudn't, but in my head I said FUCK DAT". Although, I did say I could come in on Friday or even Saturday for a little bit. And now I have to come in Friday, which is fine, I have half the hours this week than the past few. But yeah, since I didn't work on it today, I plan on working on it tomorrow. Thursday, I get paid and I really really hope I can pay for both my loans and my airline tickets for Texas and enough to make prints as well. But I dunno, I haven't done the math yet and honestly, I don't feel like it, either.

So yeah, it's been a "mind-shift" for the past few days from being focused on my work to focused on playing Gears of War 3. I even started playing L4D online with Deivy again. Soooo I definitely gotta watch the video games. Lol That's all I got for you right now, if I have enough work done tomorrow, I'm gonna post it up so until then, I'll catch you guys later on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!