Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hey Everybody! So this week's been quite awesome! My gf went away to visit our friends in North Carolina, when she'll be back? No idea. But her absence has resulted me in having an awesome and productive week for my ZOMBIFIED project!

On Sunday, it was a little slow, but I had started a very rough sketch of my friend Leeny which then on Monday I had added more detail to the sketch. By Tuesday, I was able to finish the picture completely and moved on to the next zombification on another friend, Vanessa. Surprisingly and excitingly that day, I was able to complete her image from start to finish. And then, yesterday, I worked on another one of my friend Will, completed that same night again from start to finish. As soon as I had posted them up on my Facebook, a lot of people were diggin it, which made me very happy and excited to do more. So far, I still have 7 more people to zombify. So I'm thinking, without any interference, I should be able to get at least 2 zombies done each day.

So here are the 3 that I've done this week...

I feel they will only get better and better the more I do. Not sure on who, but at some point I will be drawing others with missing limbs and maybe crawling with a reaching arm.

If you haven't liked my Facebook page, definitely do it ASAP. I post most of my recent updates on there and then I do an overall recap of the week here in my blogspot. So if you're interested, just check out Gerald N. Terado on Facebook.

I really hope this project continues to go viral because this has been a project that I've been thinking about and have been wanting to do for quite some time. Am I obsessed with Zombies? Most definitely. And like I've said a million times, if you are interested and would like to be ZOMBIFIED just say the word and I will gladly add you to the list. Now there is a bit of a wait due to the others. I pretty much go by the "first come, first serve" process when zombifying (I really like using that word lol). And obviously, you can just save a copy of the illustration once I post it up, but if you were to want a print delivered by yours truly, it will only cost you $2. Why only $2? I've always been really bad at pricing my work and sometimes I never really think about how much time was spent on the project, either. But I figured, since you'd have to wait, I would just do it for cheap (practically free if you print it yourself lol).

So that's all I have for you today, I do plan on working on another zombie tonight. It's probably gonna have a slow start being the fact that I pulled an all nighter last night until I had to go to work at 3am to 10:30am. I've only napped for about an hour and then mostly lounged around and relaxed up until this point. So we'll see how things kick in. So DON'T FORGET TO VISIT MY FACEBOOK PAGE!! ^__^


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Tuesday Terrestrial

Hey Guys! So I've been having this productive flow going the past few days. And now that I've made another FB page strictly for my work, I've been updating and keeping track on that more than my blog. So bare with me, soon I'll have all this on lock down.

If you've been or "Liked" my page, you may have seen the latest work I did. One is of a female pastry chef and another (who I've met on FB) who had been "zombified". And before that, I believe I posted the character designs I made for my partners children's book "The Fruitgetectives".

Here are the latest two that I had done..

I'm actually doing another chef design very soon so stay tuned for that. If you haven't already, definitely check out my FB for other and older work at GeraldNTerado.

That's all I got for now, but definitely stay tuned for more updates! See ya on the flip side!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Ohhhh TGIF

Hey Guys! I hope Everyone's doing well on their end. I've got a few little updates on what's going on..

I've recently finalized the characters for a partner's kids book "Fruitgetectives".... It took a lot more work than I thought and I forgot there were about 13 characters. And I believe I'll be getting paid shortly, which I was sorta surprised because majority of the partners I've worked with were for free. So it's nice. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that I wasn't going to be able to complete the artwork for the book in the deadline he wanted and the book is about 100+ pages. I thought that was kinda long for a kids book, but realistically, I need some time for my other projects, for my upcoming demo reel and finding a new place. Honestly, I have no idea when we have to move, which is what happens when you're so laid back. Lol But we had an understanding, as long as I finished the characters. I believe he found a new artist for the Summer.

So now, that's finally out of the way, I can continue to focus on finishing the Alic Practice picture and continue to work on my ZOMBIFY project. I haven't been trying lately, but I did manage to come up with a decent list of requests from friends. And I'm actually trying to test myself and work on more female drawings just because I feel I don't have enough of them in my collection of drawings. So that's that.

As for Blazer Show, we (Jess, Noel, Kameele, and Jack) are going to do a script reading tomorrow afternoon to test out our characters for our dialogue. This should be fun and I can't wait.

I believe that's all I got for now. I actually have to get ready to drop my bro somewhere and then take my friend to see The Avengers for his first time. (my third time lol) Maybe I'll do another short blog post when I get home. So until then, peace out. Enjoy your Friday night!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


That's right, although, Alice Practice's picture is indeed the prototype, my first zombification will involve a friend, Leeny (Filipinos REPRESENT lol).

In case some of you still don't know, when i "zombify" you, it's just when I draw a zombie caricature of you and sell you a print standard size of 8.5x11 (if you have a preferred size, just let me know) for $2. So, basically, I'd be charging you $1 for the picture and $1 for the print. Not bad, right?

Now since, Leeny's my first "client", she gets an additional caricature. This one being more on the nicer side.

"Why Zombify?" you may ask, oh you know, just to feed into my Zombie obsession. ^__^

I'll catch you guys later with more updates! PEACE!

It's A Wet Wednesday

Good morning, Friends! Not only has it been awhile, but it does feel a bit odd posting a blog at this early hour. Early for me, at least =b But it has indeed been awhile, so here's a recap of what I've been up to, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary.

But, lately, I've been working heavily on my friend's band's zombie "portrait" which is coming out really well. What's left to be done is some shading and blood detail and then the entire background. I will show you where I left off in just a moment.

I've also been working on character designs for a kids book, which are coming out well, my only thing is some of them seem or look a bit too... detailed for a kid's character? The creator likes them so far, so I'm sorta just going with it to see the direction it follows.

Blazer Show is moving along well, we recently did a script read for the first half to finalize the dialogue and scene descriptions. The second half is fine the way it is, in my opinion, but we'll see when we move forward. As far as characters go, I really would like to find or schedule a time where I can sit and work on the villain and the character bibles, but with all these little side projects, I really don't know what to do first. I'll figure it out though sooner or later.

Unfortunately for the studio, Crunchy Cloud Studios had to be put under temporary hiatus. While Blazer Show was keeping productivity, CCS: One Epic Artist was remaining offtrack with minor improvements, but that's because of a lot reasons which some were understandable. So to make things easier, I'm going to continue One Epic Artist along with Kameele, who is doing the background designs for it.

So that's pretty much the update with most of the projects. I'm really hoping by this summer, I'll be animating because there are other animation projects that want to work on this summer that I didn't mention up there so yeah, it's gonna be a busy summer for sure.

With all that said, here is the update on the Alice Practice zombie picture...

Left to Right: Tyler, John, Anthony, Dylan, and Lee
Oh yeah, one last thing. Awhile ago, I've mentioned this other project I was considering starting and it was a simple idea to "zombify" friends and family. And I was thinking maybe charging a dollar or two for a print of your zombified self. But anyway, this is practically the prototype for it. So if you dig it and you would like one of yourself, just contact me and let me know! Otherwise, I'll probably just pull out random names and work on them. ^__^

That's the update! I'll catch you all on the flip side! PEACE!