Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's A Wet Wednesday

Good morning, Friends! Not only has it been awhile, but it does feel a bit odd posting a blog at this early hour. Early for me, at least =b But it has indeed been awhile, so here's a recap of what I've been up to, nothing too fancy or out of the ordinary.

But, lately, I've been working heavily on my friend's band's zombie "portrait" which is coming out really well. What's left to be done is some shading and blood detail and then the entire background. I will show you where I left off in just a moment.

I've also been working on character designs for a kids book, which are coming out well, my only thing is some of them seem or look a bit too... detailed for a kid's character? The creator likes them so far, so I'm sorta just going with it to see the direction it follows.

Blazer Show is moving along well, we recently did a script read for the first half to finalize the dialogue and scene descriptions. The second half is fine the way it is, in my opinion, but we'll see when we move forward. As far as characters go, I really would like to find or schedule a time where I can sit and work on the villain and the character bibles, but with all these little side projects, I really don't know what to do first. I'll figure it out though sooner or later.

Unfortunately for the studio, Crunchy Cloud Studios had to be put under temporary hiatus. While Blazer Show was keeping productivity, CCS: One Epic Artist was remaining offtrack with minor improvements, but that's because of a lot reasons which some were understandable. So to make things easier, I'm going to continue One Epic Artist along with Kameele, who is doing the background designs for it.

So that's pretty much the update with most of the projects. I'm really hoping by this summer, I'll be animating because there are other animation projects that want to work on this summer that I didn't mention up there so yeah, it's gonna be a busy summer for sure.

With all that said, here is the update on the Alice Practice zombie picture...

Left to Right: Tyler, John, Anthony, Dylan, and Lee
Oh yeah, one last thing. Awhile ago, I've mentioned this other project I was considering starting and it was a simple idea to "zombify" friends and family. And I was thinking maybe charging a dollar or two for a print of your zombified self. But anyway, this is practically the prototype for it. So if you dig it and you would like one of yourself, just contact me and let me know! Otherwise, I'll probably just pull out random names and work on them. ^__^

That's the update! I'll catch you all on the flip side! PEACE!

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