Monday, February 28, 2011

... To Die With The Sun.

So despite of a couple of "lazy" dilemmas, I still got a few things done. After a couple of naps, I picked up my guitar figured out the notes to these rhythms that I've had in my head. Nothing with lyrics, I figured my friend, Sara, could write something to these melodies but we'll see... So here are a couple of videos I recorded to show you guys the tunes, nothing too crazy, I usually like to write/play simple melodic tunes so hopefully you guys will enjoy. ^__^

JUST A HEADS UP!! The audio is off sync and the video cuts short for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience. =b

So there you have it, I hope you guys enjoyed listening to those even though the first one didn't play all the way through, but hopefully someday they'll turn out to be full songs... After the little jam sesh, I worked on the "NAME ONE" scene for a bit to tweak some stuff out then I began to work on an image for Glenn of a witch riding her broom in a background of a night sky with a bright moon. So I'd say I had a semi-productive night and am happy about it. Now I got work tomorrow morning at 5am to 1:30 so I'm going to conclude this night with a cigarette and a possibly phone chat with my Bacon Bits (Nicole) aaannnnndddd attempt to go to sleep before 1:00 cuz I know I'm definitely going to be beat tomorrow after work... definitely going to take a nap after work. Perhaps, something interesting will happen at work during those 8 hours that I can blog about tomorrow night.. But I guess we'll just have to wait til next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Lower Your Eyelids...

So today was my first 5 hour shift which seemed like a breeze compared to all the 8-9 hours I've been workin so far. I'll admit, it felt nice to come home and not be so tired. I think I might actually do some of the things I've been wanting to do all weekend which, then, I had said I was going to do some productive work but I ended up taking my naps and basically relaxing for the remainder of the weekend.

But today, I think I might do a couple of recordings for my friend, Sara Petri, whom I plan on writing some songs with cuz the last time we did, it was really fun. So I'm going to do that, then I also plan on working on some images for Glenn, the guy who I'm working on a website with, cuz ever since I started working for MICHAELS we lost touch with each other. After that, I'm probably gonna chill out for a bit then maybe work on some Blazer Show sketches for the recruiters so they can study the style and everything for the characters and what not.

So that's pretty much the update for now, I plan on leaving another blog by the end of tonight. That is, if everything goes as planned, but I guess we'll only find out next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Winds

Hey Everyone! So today has been my First Payday and it felt nice. Especially after all the bitchin I've been doing. Lol But it felt good to work and to come home exhausted. Although..... the last few days at work have been interesting. 1) was the Birth of the Shaman Title a mother had said last Friday 2) on Thursday, as I was restocking picture frames, a high school girl came up to me and obnoxiously made sure I noticed her so she could say "hi" run away and walk off with her friend THEN came back and posed next to me with 2 thumbs up and had her friend take a picture... I immediately said "that was weird" as soon as she took the picture. 3) Today at work, it was announced that 2 months from now we will be starting our Thursday morning shift from 5am-1:30pm to 3am-11am... that SAHCKS! Now I'm pretty much going to pull an all nighter Wednesday nights for Thursday morning. Despite of how much that does suck, I feel in due time it shall remedy my awful sleeping pattern/schedule. The Good News though, is that they've been giving me more house than I was originally scheduled for, so right now I'm sorta in between part time and full time. I do believe it's because we have people on vacation and other reasons. Either way, I'm making some money which is great.

So for the rest of the even, I'm definitely going to eat something because my ass hasn't eaten since my 30 minute break at work which was at 10:30am.. I had a 6 in. Italian Sandwich from 7 Eleven thanks to Vanessa. ^__^ I may kill some Zombies as well, although I do plan on working on my "NAME ONE" scene.

I just heard and felt my stomach roar.. So basically, that's my cue to sign off with this... I title this blog Friday Winds, basically due to tonight's powerful winds and the interesting points from the past few days. And what connects the 2 is that they're effecting me physically and mentally, in a sense that this is a another New Phase in Life. As if Reality is giving me that push like a cold gust of wind to open my eyes and get that ball bouncin. I hope Everyone is doing alright, if not, keep your head up because I believe things will turn out for the better. Maybe not in the way you would've preferred, but those small positive moments still count...

Monday, February 21, 2011

I, the Shaman


Before I begin, I just wanna say I posted this video up for nostalgic reasons and for its epic sound... Anyway, so lately I've been working at Michaels as most of you already know. Today was my third day working there at 7 AM, which only sucked because we got a fairly good amount of snow so to be safe I had to wake up extra early to clean off the car and drive slowly and safely to work. Despite the weather, a lot of people still shopped at our store and it ended up becoming a little hectic but it was all good, my shift ended at 3:30. The funny thing that did happen today, though, was that when I was restocking some items, I saw in my peripherals a mother and her daughter coming out of an aisle right by me. As they were walking out and approaching my direction, I overheard the mother saying to her daughter "lets ask the Shaman". LOL Immediately, I began to think in my head "WOW, what the fuck?! Seriously lady?!" I was slightly confused because I couldn't decipher whether I should have been offended or not. I mean, everyone seems to enjoy or have trouble identifying my ethnicity. Just like this weekend, actually. Saturday, I had to work 8:30 to 5 and I guess there were some associates that were just coming in to work who haven't met me yet. And it was funny because through the walky-talkies, I could hear the commotion about everyone thinking I was Hawaiian. Lol Ahh, how I do love the fact that some people just can't tell what I am. ^__^ Surprisingly, I've been adjusting to the whole early ass shifts I've been scheduled to so far. Pretty much, I go in early, get out early, take a nap, and then chill the fuck out. Not too bad, right?.. Right. The only unfortunate thing is that, I haven't gotten myself to do any of MY work after work, but that's mainly because I've been spending time with Nicole while she's here, which Wednesday morning she'll be going back to school. I'll probably get back on track in terms of my projects once I'm fully comfortable with my work schedule.

So that's pretty much the update so far, I hope everyone's doing well and that I'll be able to see everyone sometime relatively soon, but until then, we'll just have to catch up through here and Facebook. OH and if you wanna have a Skype sesh or an iChat, hit me up... Skype: gterado2099 iChat: G Spot 2099

See ya guys next time on...
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Day at Work

Hey everyone! As most of you were aware, I had to start my first day at 5 AM today. The night prior, I got to hang out with the B.Team, Tombo, and Nikki G. I had fun as I always do when I'm with them and I didn't get in bed until around 2:30 when I had two alarms set for 3:45 and 4:00... It was a fucking struggle. Note to self: do NOT watch a comedy when trying to go to sleep, you will just end up watching the whole movie... So yeah, I didn't really sleep, if anything, I took 10 minute naps. Lol When I got to work, I was about 15 minutes early which I thought would be enough time to take another short nap, but I just ended up chillin in my seat with my eyes closed. ^__^ Now, I must admit, they had me walking around back and forth moving boxes around and stocking items where they belonged, but I did have fun with the walky-talky. Lol I'm definitely gonna use it to say some whack shit. MUAHAHA! The people working there are definitely cool and really nice so I'm definitely gonna get along with them. Now, just the fact that I had to work an 8 hour shift starting at 5 AM without even getting a full hour of sleep, I thought I'd be more than ready to pass the fuck out. But actually, my feet are the only things that are tired and sore, I'm actually not that tired. I'm sure if I tried, though, I would pass out, but I think I'm gonna try to kill me some ZOMBIES!!! And then maybe I'll take a nap til my girl comes home. ^__^ Oh by the way, it's fucking righteously beautiful outside which is awesome about getting out of work by 1:30.

So, that's pretty much the news for today aaaaaaaaaaand I'll catch you guys next time ooooon...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little Suttin Suttin

Hey guys, just wanna give a short update on the action... I had my orientation like I've mentioned on Facebook. It went very well, there was another person who was going through orientation with me and we had to answer some questions and take some notes down as we toured through the store. There seems to be a lot of cool people working there so getting along with co-workers shouldn't be a problem. Although, it does suck to start my first day at work at 5 AM. Lol Gotta make that dough though, right? Right... Either way, I'm pretty excited. I've been talking about how much I've been wanting to get out of this house and work and now I can.

Other than that, I gotta make some calls for my loans and deal with that shiet. Also, I working on the "NAME ONE" scene again, had that on hold for a long time so I'm pretty stoked to finish that up. There are also other projects that need to get done as well. So hopefully, by either Spring or Summer, I will have some work to upload to my site, which I actually plan on redesigning. Now that I don't have to deal with teachers and deadlines, I can actually make it look the way I want it to. I've also done some more pictures for Glenn, after I finish the rest, I'll be able to focus on the site's layout and everything so I am also stoked about that. Here are the pics, I was talking about. I hope you guys will like...

So I guess that's that and I'll have more news for next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Day: Time to Face Reality

Well..... just had a family meeting. It appears my paps is going to stop paying for this house by April and will find an apartment with my mom somewhere, pretty much leaving the house to me and my bro.... Shit... This is, indeed, an eye opener for me. I'm kinda speechless and I'm kinda scared... I had a feeling there was going to be something negative to go along with my good news... I've always believed, ALWAYS, that when something good happens, something bad will come along to keep balance.. And I hate that. I am scared but what else is there to do besides work my ass off right?..... Yeah... Like my dad said "Time to Face Reality."

A New Day... A Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been about a week since my last blog, which was a little hectic but I got great news!.. Let me start by saying how busy this past week had been and that I wanted to come back with a blog that included good news concerning the job I applied for. Obviously, I had a little breakdown last Monday but with the help of my friends, I was able to get myself together and move on. Luckily the next day, I had received a phone call from MICHAELS, the art supply store, and they wanted to set an interview later that Thursday. As I had announced, the interview went well and now I'm going to start orientation tomorrow morning at 10. What else... oh, I also did some roadie work for my brother on Friday and Saturday night, made a good 50 bucks for each night. So that was nice, now I got a little pocket money. And last night, I spent a few hours on Skype with Jess to finish the treatment of Blazer Show's first episode, so I was pretty stoked about that.

So now that I've got a job, this makes it easier to organize my work and prioritize my projects. I'm pretty much going to stock items and whatnot, a lot of physical work which I'd say I'm use to since I do roadie work for Ryan. But apparently I would have to wake up and be at the store around 5 AM to get started so I definitely need to straighten up my sleep schedule, which I know is going to be really hard considering the fact that I fall asleep by 4 the latest. Lol I just hope that things will go well with this job so we'll see what happens. ^__^

Uhhh.. My door just opened by itself and there's no one up here......... Bugged out a little bit. It was probably the wind.....

Anyway, that's pretty much the update. I hope everyone's doing well and that I'll get to see everyone some time soon. ^__^ So until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

In All the Rage

So earlier today, I went through an emotional state of rage and ranted about some stuff. I just wanna apologize for causing any concern because I did mention my "mere thoughts of suicide", but in all honesty, I'm okay. To be honest, I wouldn't have the balls to do it. I could never leave my girlfriend behind or my friends and especially my family. I feel those thoughts come to mind practically whenever I feel like a huge piece of shit and that's usually when I reflect on my failures and am being screamed at by my paps all at once. I guess when I feel I'm thinking clearly, I'm really not. And that's something that needs to be worked on. As for the loans, I know I'm not the only one who's going through this but it's the fact that I can't seem to handle the situation as well as others and that becomes frustrating for me sometimes. Deep deep down inside, I know things will lighten up. So that's that and I guess I'll catch you guys lata.

Case of the Mondays?

My Life sucks..... It's not cuz of my friends or most of my family..... Nothing seems to going right at all. And you know it's bad, when you look for to the littlest things like, buying a pack of cigarettes or a fucking bottle of Pepsi. Yeah, that's right, when I buy those things, I actually do feel a bit happier. I had such a good day yesterday, I got to see my friends, who I really don't see that often. But according to my dad, I see them all the time, I don't give fuck if he right or wrong about. What I can't take anymore, is being screamed at by my dad every time Wells Fargo and Sallie Mae send shit over. He has never taken my side of the fact it is simply hard for some people to get a regular as much as a job in your studies. It's fucking hard. And yeah, he says Dreamkind rejected not only because my work was too detailed but because I wasn't focused enough. But you know what FUCK HIM! He would yell at me almost every quarter about my grades, about money, about graduating on time. You know what paps, I GRADUATED and WHERE THE FUCK WERE YOU?! I don't care sick or not, man, I wanted you to see that moment in person not through a fucking TV screen. I'm so done with this life struggle. I never really told anyone this, but months after I graduated, mere thoughts of suicide have flown through my head. Yeah, I said it. That's how broken I feel inside every now and then. I thought I could be stronger, strong enough to get to the top but honestly, I don't know how strong I am or how much longer I can keep going... I'm just tired. So FUCK YOU student loans and FUCK YOU Universe.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blood Brothers

4:50 pm: So Ryan and I are on our way to help Nestor (CEO of Finesse Ent.) set up his equipment. I think we're late. Lol But we'll be fine... even though it's raining and it's foggy as shit right now... Shit... Anyway, about 10 minutes ago, I went through some "brotherly" flashback and sort of understood my individual relationship with my brother and just accepted those facts. Basically, how I have Ryan's sarcasm and flirtatiousness while on the other side, I also have our oldest brother, Ferd's goofiness and humor.. and not to mention temper.

I think that's what blows my mind is how I, the baby brother, turned out to be after growing up following both, Ryan and Ferd. Once Ferd moved out, I practically stuck around Ryan a lot more and now I work with him from time to time. Now, everyone always mentions or asks about me trying to work or get connections through my brother Ferd. But honestly, I respect his work, he is one of thee most skilled animators I have seen so far in my life, he has done traditional animation, 3D, stop-motion, and much more... but I'm not like him. At least not right now, I'm not. I have my own pace that I go through and I feel I just need to do my "thang", ya know? I'm sorta doing different things one specifically involving Music. Of course, you and I both can see how this is a relevance to my brother Ryan, being that he's a DJ. But I'll have you know that all 3 of us had always loved all different types of music. So, whenever I happen to need to ask Ferd something about the animation industry, then I will. But for now, I'm just kinda doing my own thing and that may seem dumb to a lot of you, but that's just how I feel. He's my brother, I know he'd be there for me whenever he can be and that goes for Ryan, too. So far, he's been supporting me and helping me get some roadie gigs while I'm job searching and working with these partners of mine. And I am thankful.

It almost seems just trying to figure me out and see the different traits I reflect off my brothers with an additional "G-Mix" in it, would be like peeling all the toppings and cheese off of an entire pizza pie... Yeah, I said it. I ain't a slice, I'm the whole damn THANG! Lol

Point is, I love my brothers. Although, at times it does suck being the baby brother. Lol But I wouldn't have it any other way. Blood Brothers.

6:08 pm: We literally arrived at about 5:52 and set up Nestor's equipment in like 10 minutes, not that there was a lot of stuff but that was still in good timing. We're on our way back to the first spot where we previously set up Ryan's stuff. Good thing we did that first. The spot is about an hour away from Nestor's gig... Ryan's gig starts at 7. Lol The GPS says we'll be arriving by 7:13... It's foggy as FAWK right now... I have no idea what else is happening tonight, but I'll be sure to retype this whole "note" via Sidekick whenever I do get home (this was basically a "note to self" thing). Lol So until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WARNING: This is another Rant

For those who have their own car and DOESN'T have to share it, is a lucky motherfucker. I, for one, am not the lucky one. I understand the fact that I don't have a job therefore where else would I have to go, fuck that. So far that I've noticed, is that I pretty much use MY truck to pick up food, drive my brother to gigs (sometimes), pick up/drop off my brother's friends.. and that's it. I almost feel like a taxi or some sort of Transporter, except they get their own car. I mean, God forbid, if I do get a job and I happen to work a lot of hours, how's my bro gonna get around? Who fuckin knows. I'm just tired of this bullshit, I even miss the days of just driving around for the hell of it and just not having to worry about His ride. Ugh, it's so stupid. Another reason why I'm so pissed is because I'm suppose to meet Glenn at NJIT in Newark to recruit some students and me not showing up will probably make him look bad and the fact that I spoke to him earlier and told him I'd be able to show and now I CAN'T, makes me look bad so now I feel like a fucking asshole.

Now, I admit I fucked up as well. I should've reminded my brother yesterday about today, but I thought mentioning it to him a couple of days ago was enough. But I guess not. Now, it's a good thing that I just spoke to Glenn because it appears that my absence will NOT make him look bad and he does have my work with him so everything is going to be okay. Thank God.

So today, is just another day in my room... Most likely I'm gonna continue my day by watching some Toaru Majutsu No Index and some GetBackers, then I'm gonna have myself a little jam shesh, and then do some work for Glenn. Hopefully, later on tonight, I'll also be able to work on some of my side projects.

But enough about today, how about a short recap of last night? Well, I left off by announcing that Tombo was coming over and then we met up with Vanessa. We took a ride up to the DMV because Vanessa had to get her car to pass inspection, which it did. Then, on the way back, we stopped by 7-Eleven and saw our friends Pat and Amanda. So they ended up coming over and chilled with us, had ourselves a 40 oz. of OE, and chatted. I haven't seen Pat and Amanda in a long time so it was nice that we got to chill. By the end of the night, it was just me and Tombo and we pretty much just passed out while watching Outlaw Star.

Hopefully, there will be more nights like that with my hometown crew and my Philly crew because I miss them a shit ton, as well. With that said, I'm gonna sign off and do the things I said I'd do, so until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!