Monday, February 28, 2011

... To Die With The Sun.

So despite of a couple of "lazy" dilemmas, I still got a few things done. After a couple of naps, I picked up my guitar figured out the notes to these rhythms that I've had in my head. Nothing with lyrics, I figured my friend, Sara, could write something to these melodies but we'll see... So here are a couple of videos I recorded to show you guys the tunes, nothing too crazy, I usually like to write/play simple melodic tunes so hopefully you guys will enjoy. ^__^

JUST A HEADS UP!! The audio is off sync and the video cuts short for some reason. Sorry for the inconvenience. =b

So there you have it, I hope you guys enjoyed listening to those even though the first one didn't play all the way through, but hopefully someday they'll turn out to be full songs... After the little jam sesh, I worked on the "NAME ONE" scene for a bit to tweak some stuff out then I began to work on an image for Glenn of a witch riding her broom in a background of a night sky with a bright moon. So I'd say I had a semi-productive night and am happy about it. Now I got work tomorrow morning at 5am to 1:30 so I'm going to conclude this night with a cigarette and a possibly phone chat with my Bacon Bits (Nicole) aaannnnndddd attempt to go to sleep before 1:00 cuz I know I'm definitely going to be beat tomorrow after work... definitely going to take a nap after work. Perhaps, something interesting will happen at work during those 8 hours that I can blog about tomorrow night.. But I guess we'll just have to wait til next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!


  1. Nice shit bro. Good to hear you jamming. I'll def be playing these little vids when I'm chillin and writing. Always good memories. Good lookin workin on Name One son. WORD.

  2. your getting better :D i like the sounds coming from your guitar...unlike when i try playing it lmao

  3. if you had a guitar and practiced every now and then, you'd be just as good or better

  4. I'm in school, so I can't listen - but I love that photo of you at the bottom! I look forward to hearing the tunes later!

  5. Hehe why thank you! Hope you'll enjoy! ^__^