Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Winds

Hey Everyone! So today has been my First Payday and it felt nice. Especially after all the bitchin I've been doing. Lol But it felt good to work and to come home exhausted. Although..... the last few days at work have been interesting. 1) was the Birth of the Shaman Title a mother had said last Friday 2) on Thursday, as I was restocking picture frames, a high school girl came up to me and obnoxiously made sure I noticed her so she could say "hi" run away and walk off with her friend THEN came back and posed next to me with 2 thumbs up and had her friend take a picture... I immediately said "that was weird" as soon as she took the picture. 3) Today at work, it was announced that 2 months from now we will be starting our Thursday morning shift from 5am-1:30pm to 3am-11am... that SAHCKS! Now I'm pretty much going to pull an all nighter Wednesday nights for Thursday morning. Despite of how much that does suck, I feel in due time it shall remedy my awful sleeping pattern/schedule. The Good News though, is that they've been giving me more house than I was originally scheduled for, so right now I'm sorta in between part time and full time. I do believe it's because we have people on vacation and other reasons. Either way, I'm making some money which is great.

So for the rest of the even, I'm definitely going to eat something because my ass hasn't eaten since my 30 minute break at work which was at 10:30am.. I had a 6 in. Italian Sandwich from 7 Eleven thanks to Vanessa. ^__^ I may kill some Zombies as well, although I do plan on working on my "NAME ONE" scene.

I just heard and felt my stomach roar.. So basically, that's my cue to sign off with this... I title this blog Friday Winds, basically due to tonight's powerful winds and the interesting points from the past few days. And what connects the 2 is that they're effecting me physically and mentally, in a sense that this is a another New Phase in Life. As if Reality is giving me that push like a cold gust of wind to open my eyes and get that ball bouncin. I hope Everyone is doing alright, if not, keep your head up because I believe things will turn out for the better. Maybe not in the way you would've preferred, but those small positive moments still count...

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