Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Day at Work

Hey everyone! As most of you were aware, I had to start my first day at 5 AM today. The night prior, I got to hang out with the B.Team, Tombo, and Nikki G. I had fun as I always do when I'm with them and I didn't get in bed until around 2:30 when I had two alarms set for 3:45 and 4:00... It was a fucking struggle. Note to self: do NOT watch a comedy when trying to go to sleep, you will just end up watching the whole movie... So yeah, I didn't really sleep, if anything, I took 10 minute naps. Lol When I got to work, I was about 15 minutes early which I thought would be enough time to take another short nap, but I just ended up chillin in my seat with my eyes closed. ^__^ Now, I must admit, they had me walking around back and forth moving boxes around and stocking items where they belonged, but I did have fun with the walky-talky. Lol I'm definitely gonna use it to say some whack shit. MUAHAHA! The people working there are definitely cool and really nice so I'm definitely gonna get along with them. Now, just the fact that I had to work an 8 hour shift starting at 5 AM without even getting a full hour of sleep, I thought I'd be more than ready to pass the fuck out. But actually, my feet are the only things that are tired and sore, I'm actually not that tired. I'm sure if I tried, though, I would pass out, but I think I'm gonna try to kill me some ZOMBIES!!! And then maybe I'll take a nap til my girl comes home. ^__^ Oh by the way, it's fucking righteously beautiful outside which is awesome about getting out of work by 1:30.

So, that's pretty much the news for today aaaaaaaaaaand I'll catch you guys next time ooooon...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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  1. Nice work bro! Congrats. I loved working early in the am. Always had the whole day for chill time and naps. And that pic is going in the storyboard for when you wake up in the morning to the alarm clock. nuff said nigga. Have fun with Nicole and send her my love!