Tuesday, February 1, 2011

WARNING: This is another Rant

For those who have their own car and DOESN'T have to share it, is a lucky motherfucker. I, for one, am not the lucky one. I understand the fact that I don't have a job therefore where else would I have to go, fuck that. So far that I've noticed, is that I pretty much use MY truck to pick up food, drive my brother to gigs (sometimes), pick up/drop off my brother's friends.. and that's it. I almost feel like a taxi or some sort of Transporter, except they get their own car. I mean, God forbid, if I do get a job and I happen to work a lot of hours, how's my bro gonna get around? Who fuckin knows. I'm just tired of this bullshit, I even miss the days of just driving around for the hell of it and just not having to worry about His ride. Ugh, it's so stupid. Another reason why I'm so pissed is because I'm suppose to meet Glenn at NJIT in Newark to recruit some students and me not showing up will probably make him look bad and the fact that I spoke to him earlier and told him I'd be able to show and now I CAN'T, makes me look bad so now I feel like a fucking asshole.

Now, I admit I fucked up as well. I should've reminded my brother yesterday about today, but I thought mentioning it to him a couple of days ago was enough. But I guess not. Now, it's a good thing that I just spoke to Glenn because it appears that my absence will NOT make him look bad and he does have my work with him so everything is going to be okay. Thank God.

So today, is just another day in my room... Most likely I'm gonna continue my day by watching some Toaru Majutsu No Index and some GetBackers, then I'm gonna have myself a little jam shesh, and then do some work for Glenn. Hopefully, later on tonight, I'll also be able to work on some of my side projects.

But enough about today, how about a short recap of last night? Well, I left off by announcing that Tombo was coming over and then we met up with Vanessa. We took a ride up to the DMV because Vanessa had to get her car to pass inspection, which it did. Then, on the way back, we stopped by 7-Eleven and saw our friends Pat and Amanda. So they ended up coming over and chilled with us, had ourselves a 40 oz. of OE, and chatted. I haven't seen Pat and Amanda in a long time so it was nice that we got to chill. By the end of the night, it was just me and Tombo and we pretty much just passed out while watching Outlaw Star.

Hopefully, there will be more nights like that with my hometown crew and my Philly crew because I miss them a shit ton, as well. With that said, I'm gonna sign off and do the things I said I'd do, so until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!


  1. oh man try not having any car what so ever.. yeah i know how it feels.. but soon enough we'll get ours
    youl see, things will ease up a bit

    best of luck buckit

    thats a great pic btw :D damn sylar jumpin out windows...good time good times

  2. lol it actually almost feels like i dont have a car =b but you're right, we will get ours and it'll be righteous.

    and yes, those were good times ^__^ lets find a mansion so ALL of us can live together lol.. if only..

  3. At least you don't have my car. It's alive. And insane....and tries to kill me. Feel better son!