Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blood Brothers

4:50 pm: So Ryan and I are on our way to help Nestor (CEO of Finesse Ent.) set up his equipment. I think we're late. Lol But we'll be fine... even though it's raining and it's foggy as shit right now... Shit... Anyway, about 10 minutes ago, I went through some "brotherly" flashback and sort of understood my individual relationship with my brother and just accepted those facts. Basically, how I have Ryan's sarcasm and flirtatiousness while on the other side, I also have our oldest brother, Ferd's goofiness and humor.. and not to mention temper.

I think that's what blows my mind is how I, the baby brother, turned out to be after growing up following both, Ryan and Ferd. Once Ferd moved out, I practically stuck around Ryan a lot more and now I work with him from time to time. Now, everyone always mentions or asks about me trying to work or get connections through my brother Ferd. But honestly, I respect his work, he is one of thee most skilled animators I have seen so far in my life, he has done traditional animation, 3D, stop-motion, and much more... but I'm not like him. At least not right now, I'm not. I have my own pace that I go through and I feel I just need to do my "thang", ya know? I'm sorta doing different things one specifically involving Music. Of course, you and I both can see how this is a relevance to my brother Ryan, being that he's a DJ. But I'll have you know that all 3 of us had always loved all different types of music. So, whenever I happen to need to ask Ferd something about the animation industry, then I will. But for now, I'm just kinda doing my own thing and that may seem dumb to a lot of you, but that's just how I feel. He's my brother, I know he'd be there for me whenever he can be and that goes for Ryan, too. So far, he's been supporting me and helping me get some roadie gigs while I'm job searching and working with these partners of mine. And I am thankful.

It almost seems just trying to figure me out and see the different traits I reflect off my brothers with an additional "G-Mix" in it, would be like peeling all the toppings and cheese off of an entire pizza pie... Yeah, I said it. I ain't a slice, I'm the whole damn THANG! Lol

Point is, I love my brothers. Although, at times it does suck being the baby brother. Lol But I wouldn't have it any other way. Blood Brothers.

6:08 pm: We literally arrived at about 5:52 and set up Nestor's equipment in like 10 minutes, not that there was a lot of stuff but that was still in good timing. We're on our way back to the first spot where we previously set up Ryan's stuff. Good thing we did that first. The spot is about an hour away from Nestor's gig... Ryan's gig starts at 7. Lol The GPS says we'll be arriving by 7:13... It's foggy as FAWK right now... I have no idea what else is happening tonight, but I'll be sure to retype this whole "note" via Sidekick whenever I do get home (this was basically a "note to self" thing). Lol So until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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