Monday, February 21, 2011

I, the Shaman


Before I begin, I just wanna say I posted this video up for nostalgic reasons and for its epic sound... Anyway, so lately I've been working at Michaels as most of you already know. Today was my third day working there at 7 AM, which only sucked because we got a fairly good amount of snow so to be safe I had to wake up extra early to clean off the car and drive slowly and safely to work. Despite the weather, a lot of people still shopped at our store and it ended up becoming a little hectic but it was all good, my shift ended at 3:30. The funny thing that did happen today, though, was that when I was restocking some items, I saw in my peripherals a mother and her daughter coming out of an aisle right by me. As they were walking out and approaching my direction, I overheard the mother saying to her daughter "lets ask the Shaman". LOL Immediately, I began to think in my head "WOW, what the fuck?! Seriously lady?!" I was slightly confused because I couldn't decipher whether I should have been offended or not. I mean, everyone seems to enjoy or have trouble identifying my ethnicity. Just like this weekend, actually. Saturday, I had to work 8:30 to 5 and I guess there were some associates that were just coming in to work who haven't met me yet. And it was funny because through the walky-talkies, I could hear the commotion about everyone thinking I was Hawaiian. Lol Ahh, how I do love the fact that some people just can't tell what I am. ^__^ Surprisingly, I've been adjusting to the whole early ass shifts I've been scheduled to so far. Pretty much, I go in early, get out early, take a nap, and then chill the fuck out. Not too bad, right?.. Right. The only unfortunate thing is that, I haven't gotten myself to do any of MY work after work, but that's mainly because I've been spending time with Nicole while she's here, which Wednesday morning she'll be going back to school. I'll probably get back on track in terms of my projects once I'm fully comfortable with my work schedule.

So that's pretty much the update so far, I hope everyone's doing well and that I'll be able to see everyone sometime relatively soon, but until then, we'll just have to catch up through here and Facebook. OH and if you wanna have a Skype sesh or an iChat, hit me up... Skype: gterado2099 iChat: G Spot 2099

See ya guys next time on...
The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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