Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been A Long Time, My Bad

Hey Guys! How has Everyone been doing lately?? I know it's been awhile, so I apologize. I figured, I update my FB page practically daily so I didn't think a new blog was needed. Plus, I wanted my next post to be about the updates on the future of ZOMBIFIED. But it's been too long so that's why I'm writing one now.

So for ZOMBIFIED, I've been working on the last two of Series 2 and it's been taking a lot of time. Mostly because I had to go a step back a couple of times to get the poses right because each picture is dealing with two Zombies. And they dealt with some new poses that I haven't approached yet so it was a bit challenging and is one of the main reasons why it's been taking this long. After the outlines are done and the details are finalized everything else will go by a lot quicker.

Once those two are done, I plan on working on the new banner immediately, but it may not be up for awhile because I don't want it to be up until I move into the next phase which includes a NEW ZOMBIFIED FB.

I really don't have much else to say, everything else is really about the next phases for ZOMBIFIED so until Zombies #19 and 20 are done, I'll catch you all later! Thanks for swingin by! PEACE!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updated Thoughts About Updates

Hey Guys! So I know on Facebook, I mentioned about having a new blog posted up, but I kinda got lost in focus for the last two Zombies. Plus, it gave me more clarity on what I want to do for the next phases of ZOMBIFIED.

I am currently looking into trademarking ZOMBIFIED as a small business. I have a couple of links covering the basics of trademarking and copyrighting.


As some of you may know, I am currently working on Zombie #17, which is involving a couple. So I'm even closer to reaching #20! And you know what's next right? A new banner presenting Zombie #'s 11-20!! I'm pretty damn stoked, actually. And THEN, I am going to create a separate Facebook account for ZOMBIFIED alone, so that means I'm going to re-tag Everyone that I've ZOMBIFIED so far.

*For those who have been ZOMBIFIED, or haven't been but WANT to be, I would like to have your permission to include a reference photo of yourself that I used and will use to make a before-and-after picture. If you want, you can even choose the photo that you would want me to use. The main purpose is to show the new viewers the outcome of being ZOMBIFIED.*

This is something I plan on using for the official ZOMBIFIED site, as well.

When I begin the next series of Zombies (#'s 21-30), the prices will increase. This time, I plan on charging $10/hour based on an eight hour day.

*MINOR SPOILER ALERT* As I move forward with ZOMBIFIED, I plan on subtly creating a little story behind the Zombies and connecting them. I think this will make the ZOMBIFIED experience a little more fun and entertaining for the viewers. So if you're a fan of the project, DEFINITELY keep an eye out for those details.

A long time ago, I illustrated an image showcasing my Zombie animation idea involving four survivors (including myself along with friends who you may know) trying fight for their lives against a horde.

I was thinking about this before and I've decided that I would like to incorporate the ZOMBIFIED victims with the animation, which again I would like to have your permission to do so.

I believe that is everything that I needed to share so far. Honesty, I've said this before, but if it wasn't for ALL of you I wouldn't have been able to bring the project this far. Let alone, making a decent amount of money, which has been a great help allowing me to get by in life with all of these bills I've been struggling to pay. So again, I thank you. And PLEASE, spread the word, you guys have been doing a great job and I encourage you to keep it up. ^__^

So that's it for tonight. I thank you all for taking the time to swing by and keeping up to date with ZOMBIFIED. I'll catch you all on the flip side, Everyone have a great night!