Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Been A Long Time, My Bad

Hey Guys! How has Everyone been doing lately?? I know it's been awhile, so I apologize. I figured, I update my FB page practically daily so I didn't think a new blog was needed. Plus, I wanted my next post to be about the updates on the future of ZOMBIFIED. But it's been too long so that's why I'm writing one now.

So for ZOMBIFIED, I've been working on the last two of Series 2 and it's been taking a lot of time. Mostly because I had to go a step back a couple of times to get the poses right because each picture is dealing with two Zombies. And they dealt with some new poses that I haven't approached yet so it was a bit challenging and is one of the main reasons why it's been taking this long. After the outlines are done and the details are finalized everything else will go by a lot quicker.

Once those two are done, I plan on working on the new banner immediately, but it may not be up for awhile because I don't want it to be up until I move into the next phase which includes a NEW ZOMBIFIED FB.

I really don't have much else to say, everything else is really about the next phases for ZOMBIFIED so until Zombies #19 and 20 are done, I'll catch you all later! Thanks for swingin by! PEACE!!

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