Monday, February 14, 2011

A New Day... A Valentine's Day

Hey everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

It's been about a week since my last blog, which was a little hectic but I got great news!.. Let me start by saying how busy this past week had been and that I wanted to come back with a blog that included good news concerning the job I applied for. Obviously, I had a little breakdown last Monday but with the help of my friends, I was able to get myself together and move on. Luckily the next day, I had received a phone call from MICHAELS, the art supply store, and they wanted to set an interview later that Thursday. As I had announced, the interview went well and now I'm going to start orientation tomorrow morning at 10. What else... oh, I also did some roadie work for my brother on Friday and Saturday night, made a good 50 bucks for each night. So that was nice, now I got a little pocket money. And last night, I spent a few hours on Skype with Jess to finish the treatment of Blazer Show's first episode, so I was pretty stoked about that.

So now that I've got a job, this makes it easier to organize my work and prioritize my projects. I'm pretty much going to stock items and whatnot, a lot of physical work which I'd say I'm use to since I do roadie work for Ryan. But apparently I would have to wake up and be at the store around 5 AM to get started so I definitely need to straighten up my sleep schedule, which I know is going to be really hard considering the fact that I fall asleep by 4 the latest. Lol I just hope that things will go well with this job so we'll see what happens. ^__^

Uhhh.. My door just opened by itself and there's no one up here......... Bugged out a little bit. It was probably the wind.....

Anyway, that's pretty much the update. I hope everyone's doing well and that I'll get to see everyone some time soon. ^__^ So until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!


  1. This is awesome man i'm glad things are turning around for you! And I'm gonna need a boggle head of you dressed like that on my desk asap k thanks