Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ending a Good Week with a Rainy Day

Heyy everyone! It's been quite awhile. Hope everyone's well. This past week has been pretty good. I got to hang out with the B.Team a couple of times and got to enjoy some joyrides. So that was a lot of fun. Work was going pretty well this week also, didn't have too many problems. Although, there was another change in our schedules. The first change was the truck day schedules changing from 5am to 1:30pm to 3am to 11am which happens in April. The NEW one is starting Monday, our morning shifts will now start at 5am from now on and Saturdays I think remain to start at 7am. So yeah, I would think these hours will help discipline my body clock which would be awesome. And that was pretty much the patterns of my daily agenda for this week; work, nap, hangout with B.Team, play a little L4D, and pass out, and then wake up early, and restart.

Last night, I did some roadie work for Ryan, I needed some pocket money to last until I get paid which I believe is this coming Friday. Although this week has been a blast, Jess and I had planned for her to come up  today with Noel and we'd meet up with Vanessa and go for a joyride to show Jess and Noel around our area. It had also appeared that Kieran and Kameele =) were going to join Jess on this righteous journey, but unfortunately the plan did not fall through and to be honest it's cool because today's weather really feces-like. And I would prefer our day to be a beautiful day, right? Right. ^__^ But it was slightly last minute so I can understand and it's all good because I treated myself with some Popeye's chicken and Jackie Chan Adventures. Lol

So yeah, I have work tomorrow morning at 5 and I think the remainder of tonight will involve chillin with Vanessa and possibly watching Jackie Chan's First Strike. Lol Or something else, we'll see. So that pretty much wraps it up, again, I hope everyone is doing well and keeping their spirits and their heads up high and we shall see each other again. But until then, you can just find me on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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