Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A Tenacious Tuesday

So today is my day off.. I also have tomorrow off which is SWEET. Today, though, I feel good, high spirited. I would like to say the aura of HEROES season 1 has a huge part in it. A lot of it's elements has inspired me artistically in illustration and music. Ever since that show, I've always enjoyed a nice walk through Philly on a beautiful sunny day while listening to HEROES theme song "Fire and Regeneration" by Wendy & Lisa. Never fails.

After one or two more episodes, I think I may actually play some Gears of War 2's offline campaign. To be honest, I was never that good at GoW2 online mainly because it was my first time actually playing online with other people who were fucking ri8==Dulous at it. Then L4D came into the picture and I was like "WHAT?! ZOMBIES?! AHH SHAT!!!" and practically played ever since til this day. But now that my Xbox LIVE account is out, I can enjoy some GoW2 without getting my ass handed to me.. through my TV screen. I also wanna play it so I can get use to the 3rd person shooter part and then I can rock GoW3 offline and online SON!

So anyway in case you don't really know or haven't seen the GoW trailers, then here ya are and enjoy...

So yeah, they're called EPIC Games for a reason. Lol Now, I'm hoping after I kill some bitches with my Chainsaw Bayonet, I'll be able to get some concept drawings done for the Blazer Show's environments and then I can go back and work on some character bibles because as far as I know, I may be chillin with Deivy aka the DaddyNasty. Lol So we'll see if I get any work done, I can only hope for now. =b So until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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