Friday, May 18, 2012

Ohhhh TGIF

Hey Guys! I hope Everyone's doing well on their end. I've got a few little updates on what's going on..

I've recently finalized the characters for a partner's kids book "Fruitgetectives".... It took a lot more work than I thought and I forgot there were about 13 characters. And I believe I'll be getting paid shortly, which I was sorta surprised because majority of the partners I've worked with were for free. So it's nice. Unfortunately, I had to tell him that I wasn't going to be able to complete the artwork for the book in the deadline he wanted and the book is about 100+ pages. I thought that was kinda long for a kids book, but realistically, I need some time for my other projects, for my upcoming demo reel and finding a new place. Honestly, I have no idea when we have to move, which is what happens when you're so laid back. Lol But we had an understanding, as long as I finished the characters. I believe he found a new artist for the Summer.

So now, that's finally out of the way, I can continue to focus on finishing the Alic Practice picture and continue to work on my ZOMBIFY project. I haven't been trying lately, but I did manage to come up with a decent list of requests from friends. And I'm actually trying to test myself and work on more female drawings just because I feel I don't have enough of them in my collection of drawings. So that's that.

As for Blazer Show, we (Jess, Noel, Kameele, and Jack) are going to do a script reading tomorrow afternoon to test out our characters for our dialogue. This should be fun and I can't wait.

I believe that's all I got for now. I actually have to get ready to drop my bro somewhere and then take my friend to see The Avengers for his first time. (my third time lol) Maybe I'll do another short blog post when I get home. So until then, peace out. Enjoy your Friday night!

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