Sunday, August 14, 2011

Now My Eyes Are Open

Wow... yeah, I know. It's been an ass long time since I've blogged. I've noticed as I was blogging more about what's been going on in my end and it just seemed like it was getting more and more depressing, and work was just draining me to the point where I could barely stay awake during the day whenever I'm hanging out with Nicole, like I was taking multiple naps that would last a good couple of hours which was a shitty feeling. Fortunately, I sorta "grew" out of it and actually adjusted to my work and sleep schedule. So lately, if I do take a nap, it's only one 2 hour nap. Lol That's better to me, at least. =b

Now, I know I've been posting a lot about my house situation, how it's on the market right now, and that we've been having visitors coming to check out the house, which still sorta bums me out. Keep your chin up, right? I'm workin out it. ;)

Unfortunately, I do not have any new material to post up yet. But I do have these new "little projects" that I'm working on: a tattoo design for my neighbor/oldest friend Tyron, a characters for another friend, Errol and I've been considering hardcore about working on some new charcoal/pastel pieces. Another thing is, I've been jammin on the guitar again, sorta rekindling my "passion" for music again, so I'm pretty happy that I'm beginning to feel this groove again. It's been too long, I want to work on a new demo reel, to be honest. So there's gonna be some new material that I going to work on. There's so much I want to do now for some reason, it's like my "inner artist" went on sleep-mode or some shit. Lol It is a late realization, but at least my eyes are open now. And that is why I chose this song up top for this blog. Ever since I found out about this band Times of Grace who is Jesse Leach (first vocalist of KsE) and Adam D. (guitarist/back up vox of KsE). Jesse Leach is back. That is awesome. It's basically KsE.. but better. That's my opinion. The point is KsE and now this band plays a big part for my inspirations when it comes to my work. It's a good feeling.

Other than that, I've just been working a lot. I've been hangin with a couple of them, Teresa and Joe, we've all been going out for lunch right after work a couple of times. We hung out last night and I had Teresa cut my hair, she took about 4 inches off.. Pretty short, definitely gotta remember that it's short now cuz I've been forgetting until someone brings it up. Lol My friends there definitely make it fun to be at work including everyone else at work. So it's good now that I'm makin some dough. Although, a lot of it is going towards the truck because there is always something wrong with it. Just recently replaced this piece that was causing the truck to jump as you are driving which was almost ready to go out at any time, it cost like 300 bucks.. FAHCK! Yeah, and now it's been stalling on me, so far 4 times... Yea, I'm a little bugged out about it. Oh and our passenger window is broken.... And it's stuck all of the way down. WIDE FUCKING OPEN. Lol Shat! It sucks. x__x

So that's all I gots for ya for now. Until next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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