Monday, April 11, 2011

Long Live The BLOG

Hey Everyone, I know it's been a reeeeaaaal long time since I've blogged and this time I do apologize. I've just been drained lately from work. I guess I was wrong to say that I have adjusted to my work schedule thus allowing me to continue my work and other side projects. But shamefully, I've been neglecting my work and I sincerely apologize to those who I am working with because lately I have been thinking about what I've been doing with myself after work and to be honest, all I have been doing is taking naps and simply hangin around my home and with the B.Team. Believe me when I say that I am disappointed with myself and the way I've been living my life. It's not just my work that I've been neglecting, it is also my student loans, needless to say I really need to start saving up and paying back those loans. Now don't think I'm sittin here all emo and shit like I usually am when I rant about these sort of things, beliebe it or not, I've made peace with what I've got on my plate and how I have been handling things. I'm just simply admitting my actions or lack of I should say. I've been telling myself all weekend, starting this week I will be getting my gears goin again. Now, there is a lot that I want and have to do so organization is definitely the key here, then comes the motivation, which may take a bit but I think I'll be alright. ^__^ So that's pretty much it. I just wanted to update you guys cuz updating my Facebook status really isn't cutting it. I hope Everyone is doing well, especially my Philly friends who are kickin it at AIPh.. REPRESENT! lol... and hopefully, I will be able to plan a Philly trip cuz now that my brother dj's during the day on weekends and I work practically every morning at 5, it's been tough trying to plan a trip even for just the day. So hopefully, I'll be able to work something out, I'll definitely keep you Philly peeps posted. ^__^ So that's it, time to wrap it up and I'll catch you guys on the next update on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

P.S. Ohhhh yes I did. lol


    so heres what you do you go on ebay draw something awesome frame it and sell it :D
    at least $500 right there.
    then you have a yard sale and you get rid of the stuff that are cool but you dont use anymore.
    another 10 there... lol

    get creative son!
    when the money is tight all you have to do is sell random stuff to people... or get ur guitar and a hat and go to the park

  2. yeeeaaahh its always easier said than done of course, although option B. sounds fun but not around these parks here, they suck =b only really works out in the city where there's constant people walkin around.