Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 4

"It's like Swimming through a Techno Toolbox."

"I eat the Girl Scouts, not the Girl Scout Cookies."

"I feel like my Forehead's a Cinder Block."

"That Shit was Burnin like a Ginger's Nipple Piercing."

"Being in the Wrong State of Mind is like Being a Student who was held back. When you're in the Wrong State of Mind, you're in that Same State but not on the Same Level. When you're a Student who was held back, you're still in the Same School just not in the Same Grade Level because.. because you Were in the Wrong State of Mind."

"That Sounds Dangerous for my Anus."

"That's because Feces and I have a Connection."

"I wanna Eat a fucking Steak or I'll Kill Spider Man."

"Yo, I'ma Play that Asshole like a Xylophone."

"She Hits the G Spot of My External."

"She's a Delicate Flower... that I Pee on when I'm Drunk."

"Yeah, I'll be Sizzlin' in the Sun, but I'm always Well-Done."

"Mmm Cold and Tasty.. it's almost like Hitting Two Birds with One Stone."

"My Dick's got a USB Chord on it."

"When a Sneeze comes out.. the Nipples come out too."

"Your Face makes me want to Kill my whole Family."

"Yo, watch, you're gonna get a Facial of Nice Things I do for You."

"So F You in the Face."

"I'm Love It."

"Yo Princeton High? Damn, I must've lucked out, I went to Princeton Low and I didn't learn Shit!"

"You should just put his Dick on a Frying Pan… without the Vegetable Oil."

"It's like an Angel Jizzed in my Mouth."

"It was like a Punch in the Mouth.. but a Delicious Punch."

To Be Continued...

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