Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quotes-Too Far Page 2

Didn't think the first page is gonna do its justice so here's the second one. ^__^

"I'm about to have a Boner so I can smack you with it."

"You know what the Difference is between me and the Caterpillar, I'm a Man."

"My Hair has to hang out like a Lion."

"Your Face makes me wanna Shit out of my Dick."

"Red hair is like Fire and people with Fiery hair are from Hell."

"G stands for General Defense."

"Don't talk Shit about Poop, talk Poop about Shit."

"All I asked for was a Life, but it looks like I got myself a Dangerous one."

"I had like 3 things to type, but I forgot."

"I never thought I would pass the class because I always Sleeped and shit."

"We need to have an Intermission." (While packing a bowl)

"I wanted to call you 'Moist Meat Sack' but I didn't have service."

"Moist Cunt."

"... oh yeah."


"Yo, yo, my bad Noel, I blew smoke in your face.. Ah fuck it, never mind man, I don't give a Fuck."

"You gotta wipe your Bowling Ball before you bowl."

"Do you wanna Fight or do you wanna Flight?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I can't understand you, there's Jizz spraying in your Mouth."

"You are a Green Mess."

"I feel like I should have a Sword right now.. oh wait I Do."

"I'm gonna Kick You in the Balls from behind.. get a Foot Scoop."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I was stroking Myself while you were speaking."

"My Ball Sack's gonna Punch you in the Face."
To Be Continued...

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