Thursday, September 8, 2011

Thursday Throttle

Hey Guys! How's Everyone doin? I just wanna sorry for being all emo in my previous blog. I become very sensitive, emotional, and passionate during moments like those. =b So yeah. Lol But I do have some good news, I've been workin on the "Flying Jock" some more. The funny thing, I've realize, was when I was working on the flames and the smoke, I ended up looking back on my illustration of me with rocket boots (my blogspot wallpaper) and noticed how crappy my flames were and they didn't even have the smoke either. Lol So I, now, plan on doing a new one with some tweeking and bits of changes. I'm pretty stoked about working on that, I'm gonna incorporate my logo somewhere in it too.

So here's the "Flying Jock" so far...

I  just have to finish shading in the wrinkles in his pants and detail the money and add shading to his hands and I think that's it. Hope you guys like it, so far. It should be done by tomorrow without a doubt.

So, I'll catch ya guys later! PEACE!

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