Wednesday, September 21, 2011


vHey Guys! What's up? I gotta say, even though I have less hours this week, it felt real nice and chill to have today and yesterday off. I usually only have just Saturday off but this was a nice addition. I haven't gotten too too much done, all I really did besides those tattoo designs was, I inked in the "tribal" Sagittarius Arrow, which it came out nice. I'll show that in a little bit.. So there's some more good news, the guy who I might work with for the children's book is interested in seeing more of my work, which I had sent him last night. Also, Nicole knows a person who happens to know a band who is looking for an animator to work on some videos for them to play during their performances, that's all I really know for now. She gave the guy my business card so hopefully I will be hearing from him or the band themselves sometime soon. I was hesitant at first cuz I've sort of just got back into work mode and I don't know how strong my animating is since I've been on hiatus with it. But apparently, this is up my alley, according to the guy after he looked at my business card and saw the style I work in. So I'm pretty stoked about it, I really hope they do reach me soon.

So here's the one tattoo that I inked in..

Ashley says she loves it, all of em so far. She's been showing em around to her friends and what not. I hope she does really like them and not just being nice about it. Lol I'll have the other ones posted up when I ink those in, I just need to get some pens and stuff. Today, or tonight really, I did some work on my wallpaper. It's coming along pretty smoothly so far, I just have to paint in the flames and smoke coming from my boots and then I have to paint in the outline for the other figure and add in the flames and smoke for that one too and then I'm practically done. ^__^ And then, I was asked to draw a jellyfish tattoo from another friend, Christian. Not sure if he just wants one just to have it or if he'll actually get it, but I'm gonna do it regardless. After that, I think I'm gonna get started on my animation projects that have been on hold for months. There are two Blazer Show scenes that need to be finished, one being the "NAME ONE" scene with me and Jess on the couch and the other being "Harry Willem's Transformation/Motel" scene, which I am very excited about and I'm sure Jess would shit/piss/jizz herself if she saw it completed. So yeah, I'm gonna try to do that for that reason. Lol There's also another project I started called "Facebook Creepers" which is pretty ridiculous, that starts Nicole, our dear friend Donna, and myself. That one's gonna be awhile til it's completed but I'll keep you all posted on that. And then, there's a new Ninja Mom scene that's in pre-production and then I will also be starting the pre-production for "Super Dad". Hopefully, through the process, I will think of new and original ideas that won't involve scenarios with myself and others. I mean, I do have other projects beyond that like "The Stewart Family" and "The Big Monstrous Interruption". But honestly, I have no idea when that'll be finished, in due time I guess. =b There's another project I had done, that I plan on redoing and it's just called "ZOMBIES", and it stars myself and my homeboyz Deivy, Pat, and Tombo. I'm sorta in debate if I'm gonna keep myself in there only cuz I'm in so much of the other stuff.  BUT I love zombies and zombies has always been our "thang" and it would just be weird not to be involved in a zombie scenario without my boyz. So yeah. :: FART ::

I think that's enough chit chat for now. Again, I'll keep you guys posted with everything that's going on and shiznit. So until then, I'll see ya guys next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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