Friday, September 9, 2011

Hey Everyone! GREAT NEWS!! I finally finished the "Flying Jock". Although, finding the skin tone for Errol's liking has been the most challenging. I'm probably gonna end up tweeking the skin tone a little bit. Lol But otherwise, it looks wayyyy better now that it's done. It's just too bad that I couldn't get it done earlier. I worked on it a little bit after work, but then I just ending laying down and crashin for a few hours. =b This was around 5:30-6 and I didn't wake up until around 8, I think. Yeah, so not much got done during the day as I'd hope. I gotta say, though, working on this picture has encouraged me to rework my blogspot wallpaper, like I had mentioned last night being that they're practically the same concept.

Thank God, I'm off tomorrow, my one and only day off. =/ And then it's another 6 day work week next week. But I plan on working on that wallpaper sketch tomorrow and who knows how far I'll get on it, maybe I'll have it colored in by tomorrow night.

So that's the update for now, I'll catch you all next time on...

Flying Jock
The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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