Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Hey Everyone! Today, I finished "Between the Lines". I was pretty much done before, but I ended up tweekin some things and added a few cracks in the walls. So I hope you guys like it, Vanessa says she loves it and I hope that's true too. Lol So here it is...

I plan on visiting the ol' high school to see my art teacher, she's cool as shit. But yeah, like I've mentioned in my last blog, this was an old piece I did during high school and I'm curious to see if she recalls the concept. So I'm gonna bring this image over there. After I finished, I chilled out for awhile and ended up hangin out with Joe from work. We watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Such a great show, we like to follow their "formation" within the group except with us, it's the replenishment team. Lol So yeah it brings good times at work.

But anyway, I got back to work and sketched out the "Arts n Crafts" picture. It's just a rough sketch basically giving you the idea of the poses and costumes. Aaaannnnnnd here it is...

And at the bottom, it's going to say "Arts n Crafts: The Dynamic Duo". Lol Despite of all the tweeking and working out the details, I can't wait til it's done... The funny thing is, I "wanted" to work on Christian's jellyfish tattoo, but I have not even started it yet. Lol Although, I do want to cuz it's different but I just keep thinking of new ideas and then begin working on them. So we'll see what happens with that, he hasn't asked about it at all since... well since the last time he asked if I could do it. So :: fart ::

That's all I got for you guys, I'll see you next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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