Sunday, September 4, 2011

Start of a New Week

Hey Everyone! How's Everyone doin? So tonight, I was working on an illustration for a friend, Errol, and it's basically a jock flying in the sky with what seems to be some sort of rocket shoes.. which if you look in my background, it's me with rocket boots. The only difference is this one's a jock with rocket shoes and money in his hand. Although, I don't know if Errol has seen or read my blog spot, so who knows if he's aware of the similarities. Now, I told Errol I would have this done by tonight.. I'm in over my head =b I believe it was poor planning in terms of how this was drawn out because when I looked at the first sketch, I wasn't that happy, knowing that I like to draw characters in dynamic "Hero" poses. So I drew up another one the other day and I'm definitely happier with this one...

 So like I said, I wasn't too happy, the more I looked at this one and if you look at the second one, you can see why..

And tonight, I drew in a thicker construction line and added a background. I must say, I'm convinced  that having illustrations of skies full of clouds is sort of my "MO" or whatever.

Besides adding the detail lines and coloring it, I just have to add a pair of shades, the combustion flames, and smoke trails at the end. I pretty happy with the way it looks so far and I hope you guys are diggin it, too. I can't wait til its done. I'm hoping I can get it done by tomorrow night, I have work at 5am til noon, so depending how tired I am, I may have it done tomorrow. But, we'll see..

That's all the update I got for ya, so I'll catch you guys on the flip side. See ya next time on...

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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