Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Hey Guys. Sorry, I lied to you, I did not get any work done. The day just turned straight into Lazy Tuesday. Lol I started my day after work with a 3 hour nap I think and the only productive thing I did was going to Staples to give them my file of the business card to get printed, the problem was, their printer was jammed or some shit so they saved the file. After that, I went to Popeye's. Lol But this time, I was going to just get a 3pc combo. I usually get a 4pc combo with an extra side of mashed potatoes, but then I forgot how much I go there to the point the Manager remembers my order. So when I went up he automatically ordered it aaaaannnnd I just stuck with it. ^__^ I immediately got the ITIS hardcore, so I practically took multiple naps. I knew I got a lot of sleep cuz I felt so shot when I woke up for work. Maybe too much sleep compared to the amount I and my body are used to. =b

So, today, I plan on going back to Staples to see if they had printed my business cards yet. It feels sorta late in the afternoon but it's only 2. Oh yeah and today is my mom's birthday, we're all gettin together for dinner later, just hopefully I'll get a decent amount of sleep. And if we come home early enough, maybe I'll be able to do a little work on my wallpaper.

That's all I got for now, I'll catch you all later on...


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