Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Time to Vent

Hello Friends. Today... well today sucked. Let me list the bullshit that happened in 3's today. First, on my way to work, I find out one of my animation instructors, Dave Hoover, has pass way. Rest in peace. I find this out around 2am. Secondly, work itself sucked, unloading roughly 1900 cartons off our seasonal truck shorthanded. I was pretty damn sore and beat which my deep ass nap had amplified 3 hours later, which resulted me in being too tired to get work done. And last but not least... another good ol' fashion son and father clash, over what? GAS. And a bonus with shitty weather all night.

Now, let me explain the gas one.. I usually drive my mom to work if I'm not working at 3am.. My brother, as I'm sure I've told everyone, uses the truck about 80-85% of the time. Now, he usually makes sure there's enough gas in the tank so I could make it there and back.. Now in my head, I feel he should always make sure being that he pretty much always uses the truck. I only really use it to go to work and to drive my mom to work... Now, before I go on, I will admit I usually don't put gas in the truck before I get home, usually there's a quarter or half of that left in the tank but I usually never bring it back on E or with the gas light on unless I'm completely broke.

Now tonight's situation was, I had to drive my mom to work and I usually wait in the car while my mom is getting her stuff together. The problem was the gas light was already on when I had started it, now I had no idea if it had just turned on after my brother used it or if it had been on for awhile. Now, I didn't have my phone on me so I couldn't call my mom and tell her I was gonna get gas real quick or call my brother and ask when the light had turned on. So, I figured I'd asked my dad if I could just use his car instead, which I did. And I also figured if I was gonna put gas in it, I would just do it tomorrow morning when I leave for work... My mom's work isn't far, it's practically a few blocks away, I probably could've made there and to the gas station but I hate taking those chances, especially with my luck with this truck recently. But obviously I made the wrong decision in asking to use my dad's car cuz they both were ready to duke it out, good thing I held my dad back so no there were no swings thrown.

Point is, it was fucking stupid. Yeah, I should've just kept my mouth shit and stuck with it. So sorry. Now, they're fighting again. Cuz of me. All I ask for is just a warning, a heads up. I have no problem putting gas in it, if this was 6 months when I wasn't working, then it'd be a concern but it wasn't. I just simply did not know that the damn light was on. And the things that were said, especially by my father, did bother me cuz, well cuz we're family. But the way things are right now, it doesn't feel like, maybe it's just me, but that's how I feel. If only I'd make enough dough to find a studio or something, I'd start looking right now. Maybe I should start looking for another job or something or find a roomie cuz I definitely don't wanna be stuck in this house if this is the kind of vibe I'm gonna be feeling like, what, til we sell the house..

All this bullshit just makes me miss my home in Philly. The only drama I had to deal with were either my own or roommate drama. And I would gladly take roommate drama or family, especially if it's this bad. Now, my dad doesn't want me to let my brother use the truck and yada yada yada, like dude, I'm so over this.

I'm not asking for advice or anything, I'm just venting on how stupid this is.. Catch you guys on a brighter side.

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