Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Winter and Filipino Parents

Winter... You're annoying as shit. Be done and bring Spring over. Now Filipino Parents, you're annoying as well. Now, friends, I'm sure you're wondering "why is G targeting Filipino parents?". The answer to that is, THEY GOSSIP! They gossip about their kids which then disturbs our peace and causes conflict. Obviously, this is what's happening with me... I'm a 24 year old who can only have certain friends in my room, girls are in the clear and so are certain guys. That's technically discrimination and completely stupid. And this is only because my parents heard some shit about my friends apparently hanging out with the "wrong people". But it's not entirely both my parents that are being douches, it's mostly my dad. It's just really annoying having to live like this. It's bad enough that our first floor heater doesn't work, which is some of the reason why I'm always in my room, but who's gonna wanna chill in a freezing ass living room, right? IT'S FAHCKING STUPID!!! There's 2 things I can't wait for; 1. when my parents go back to the Philippines and 2. eventually living out on my own again. I will miss them when that time comes, but I sure as hell will be relieved as well.

On a side note, last night I met up with Tom Happle of HMS Printing Partnership and it appears it's another job in its beginning stages. His office/work area is located in his home which was really nice from what I've seen. So as of right now, I'm gonna be working on a short animation for an E blast and some "superhero athletes", which I think will be fun. He's pretty big into sports, specifically NHL and he's well connected to some of the Hall of Famers. So with that, I'm pretty much gonna turn these Hockey legends into epic superheroes. I just hope these projects will work out with Tom and also Glenn, whom I am working with for the dating website because this guy (me) needs to make some money... Fo realz... Well that's the update on the Stuff of Me, so until next time on....

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

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