Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Snow

Holy Snow.. have we had enough yet??.. I have.. Although without it, I wouldn't have been able to have an awesome "snowed in slumber party" with beer, good friends, and some laughs. Except, I'm not excited at all about shoveling... Anyway, I was doing some thinking on la toilette about trying to keep up with a daily/weekly agenda. I feel I could get more done, kinda like in school. The only problem is, keeping up with the schedule. The past few times I tried having an agenda set for the following days, except I would catch myself doing those things but at later times than I expected, or I would keep adding little things to do in between. And now that I'm starting to get these bills, I can't keep my head clear. I'm constantly stressing about jobs, loans, my work, being stuck in this town. I even miss being at AIPh. Not because I didn't work then either, but because I got to see EVERYONE there, it was such a good environment for me to be in, having a cig and a conversation with people outside of school, waving and greeting everyone who walks by... I miss that shit. And now it's all gone. I can only say my happiest moments here in Haskell is when I'm with my girlfriend, my friends, or when I'm fucked up. The only good thing about this winter, is the the winter break, which means I get to spend time with my girlfriend. Unfortunately, she's going back to school in like a week or so. So what's next, well I have my friends except they have jobs... and they work.... A LOT... and I fucking don't because no one seems to want to take me in and it's bullshit. I grow more and more angry thinking about this unfulfilling lifestyle that I'm in right now.. But I have to keep trying, I have to overcome somehow.... We'll see what happens.

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