Thursday, January 13, 2011

Same Shit Different Toilet

Hola... So this is Day 4 of blogging... I feel a tid bit naughty when I say "blogging". It's like "Yeah man, I'm blogging right now" or "Hold on a sec, I'm gonna go blog something real quick". Lol I dunno. So today is like any other day, I wake up early, snooze, wake up about 2 hours later, drop a deuce, end up back in my bed watch something off the xbox or sitting at desk checking e-mail or Facebook...
Everyday (usually)
I'm pretty sure everyday I always ponder upon 3 things; What are my plans for today? Am I actually gonna follow through my set agendas? and/or I hope I get a job this time... Quite frankly, I'm tired of waking up with those 3 thoughts lingering in my mind for 6+ months. That's why even if I get a crappy job for however long, it'll at least be different on certain days. I pretty much wouldn't care how my schedule would turn out, just the feeling of coming home tired from work would actually satisfy me. And I can't believe I've carried myself to that point, it feels quite shameful, honestly. Every now and then, I get to chill with my friends because they're working so much. Well, why the shit can't that be me, right? Lol I think I may be losing my mind a bit. I feel, you can only hold your head up high for so long before you actually start losing "it" for awhile... Something's gotta be done though because every time I read over my blogs, I just sound like a whiny bitch. Lol

Hopefully today, I will be productive. I feel after this, I'd kill some zombies just to get it out of my system for the day because I have 3 applications I'm going to fill out, 1 from 2 different Game Stops and 1 from some clothing place called Metropark. Then, if there's enough gas in my truck and time, I'll probably go ahead and drop them off. And then after that, I'm probably just gonna work on some stuff and watch movies or listen to music. Then, reward myself with some more zombie killing. ^__^

Oh just a random suggestion, for those who get in the zone when working to music, here are some artists/soundtracks, I feel, are righteously epic to work to; Hans Zimmer (Inception, Sherlock Holmes, The Last Samurai OST), Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny OST, Daft Punk's TRON: Legacy OST, Steve Jablonsky's Transformers: Rise of the Fallen OST, Harry Gregson-Williams' X-MEN Origins: Wolverine OST, M83, and Skrillex. Hopefully this selection of music does help you get deeper into the zone while working.

I guess that's it for now, so until the Next Episode...

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