Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spectre in the Fog

Today Nicole left to go back to school. And quite frankly, I'm a little heart broken... She helped me ease my mind over these harsh times. And now that she went back, I feel like I got nothing. I mean, I know I have all my friends love and support but.. It just hurts a lot. That pain that slowly throbs in your chest like its getting bigger until my chest feels like it's about to cave in, making my voice all shaky whenever I try to speak. I could never help but cry a little.. I already miss Her.

Enough is enough though, right? Gotta stop bitching so much.. which is why I'm debating to go MIA for a bit, get my shit straight. Try not to worry so much about the World around me, which I find is hard, honestly. Who knows, maybe I'll actually manage to find a small measure of Peace, right? And whenever I do get a job, whatever it may be, I'm gonna proudly raise my hand, stick out my middle finger and say "Fuck You Cruel World".

Enough said. Peace out.


  1. Nicole is your rock and your strength. And she's gonna rock your world for a long time my brother, so you keep that in your heart. She's an awesome girl and she's got such a badass energy about her. Keep that in your mind when you feel like pissshit. Cause "all you need is love ba ba bada baaa...all you need is loveeeee"

    Do you Gee. We all got your back. Feel better

  2. Thanks Jess, she is my life, she is my Yin to my Yang. And you know what homie? If it weren't for you, I wouldn't feel so Awesome. You make me feel Heroic and that is REAL.