Sunday, January 16, 2011

My WEEKEND Trilogy

Hey guys, so I've missed a couple of days of providing "The Stuff of G.Terado". So I figured I would make up the 2 days by writing a lengthy blog about what I've been going up until around Monday midnight.. And perhaps figure out the options for the rest of Monday. So without further ado... My WEEKEND Trilogy. (this is where you would play Skrillex - WEEKENDS)

So on Friday, I mentioned about HMS Printing Partnership which I'm still waiting for their representative, Tom Happle, to get back to me on what day he would like to meet. All I know is that it's going to be after hours someday this week. Now, I've checked out their website and it's interesting.. but I'm not sure how I feel about what I may be getting myself into. Not that it's bad or anything but it's definitely something different, which is fine by me. If you wanna see what I'm talking about, here's the link What I DIDN'T get to mention was that we had POPEYE'S CHIIIIICKEEENN!! And it was AWESOME and DELICIOUS!!

Saturday, Nicole had plans to go visit Kutztown, PA for her friend's birthday but didn't want to drive up there alone. So I went with her and it was fun. We ended up going to this nice spot in Reading (Red-ing) PA called Building 52 which used to be called The Works. It had a nice set up with a small stage with 2 dancers, this pretty sic DJ, and projector screen. Then in front of those is a whole dance floor with awesome lights going off everywhere. The bar was located at the back with a set of stairs that lead to a balcony-like platform with tables and chairs and some space to dance along with another small set of stairs in the center that leads to another platform with a bar area. So yeah, it was nice, me and Nicole got our groove on and the DJ actually played Skrillex - Kill Everybody and then I got really into it. So, Kudos to that guy... We ended leaving that place around 2 a.m. and crashed at Nicole's friend's apartment. After getting ready for bed, I checked my email and saw that Glenn left one in my inbox. Basically, he was wondering what's up because he had not gotten the last batch of work I had sent to him and it had been like 2+ weeks which was wack because I did send some work to him about a few days ago. So I told him what's been up and all the SHAT I've been struggling through and that I'd resend everything Sunday.Then, we passed out around 4 a.m. after watching Mouse Hunt. Great movie.

Sunday. I didn't get up til around noon. We pretty much chilled around and watched TV. We ate Spuds which is AWESOME and ONLY located in Kutztown, PA. Spud is this french fry restaurant that has all kinds of toppings to go with fries.. To give you hint, I had the Chicken Bacon Ranch Fries and they were EPICLY DELICIOUS!!! And also split 12 piece wings with Nicole. She had the Buffalo Fries. We chilled and talked some more til around 5 then left. Nicole dropped me off home and I immediately dropped a Deucey Deuce. In other words, I took a SHIT! Then, I did some work and resent the work to Glenn. Hopefully, this time he'll get them. After that, I rewarded myself with some Zombie killing. And yes everyone, I'm talking about about L4D.

Nicole ended up coming back over and we pretty much just chilled and watched Dr. Katz. Great cartoon. Classic. As for the rest of Monday?.. I dunno I'm probably just gonna do the usual; chill with Nicole, watch some movies or episodes of something, perhaps do some work, and hopefully fill out those applications because I actually haven't done that yet. Whoops. And now I'm gonna end this and sign off with a cig and pass out to James Cameron's Avatar with my Lovely Nicole. Goodnight guys!

Happy Martin Luther King's Day and Happy Birthday to Harold and Jean Pierre Ore!


  1. Sounds like lots of moving around this weekend for you guys! Those fries sound fucking amazing. Gotta love the detail about takin' a shit too. Never seizes to amaze me. Keep us all updated on your job niggs! You and Nicole are missed!

  2. sanap! that same song is playing as my ring tone now a days :D