Friday, January 28, 2011

Mmm mmm BITCH!

Beep-bop-boop. So in my last blog, I posted up Thursday's agenda not even thinking about the snow that was to come. Obviously, it came and it came hard. And that sounded wrong... But anyway, because of the snow, it took me almost 3 hours to shovel the driveway and I ended up getting sore as hell and took a lengthy nap. So pretty much, my whole day's agenda got screwed up until one point that night, which I found was interestingly weird. I was chillin with my brother and our good friend/neighbor, Tyrone, and we were watching The Social Network, which by the way was a good movie. I had only watched about half of the movie when all of a sudden, I had this jolt of motivation and determination and immediately went into this hardcore work mode.. Now I could simply think of 2 reasons why I reacted that way and 1. is perhaps I got inspired by Jesse Eisenberg's character's determination or 2. I knew I had to show Tom Happle a couple of sketches for our meeting later. I know it's not the second one because I've worked under pressure plenty of times and I usually handled those moments fairly well. So maybe it was the first one. The point is, is that I've been concerned about my self-motivation to get those gears going and when that happened last night, it felt so great as if it was the first time. That being said, shit needs to happen and it needs to happen now or at least soon but preferably now. And I'm gonna do what needs to be done including my side projects, Blazer Show, projects with Kieran, Jimbo, Tombo, Glenn, everything.. I'll be posting updates on those projects via blogspot. So until next time on...

Well You know the rest ^__^

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