Thursday, January 27, 2011

The B.Team: Operation Snowstorm Success


And so the Snow hits us hard... But THAT didn't seem to stop The B.Team. Tuesday night and Wednesday night have been nothing but filled with great Fun and Laughter which was something I needed especially for Tuesday, I was having such an emotional day but then The B.Team came through later that night and we had a great time. And I had no idea how deep Deivy and Vanessa are with Slurpees until Tuesday night when we stopped by 7 Eleven for snacks. They fucking tore that store up with some Constructive Criticism on their Slurpee machine. I mean, don't get me wrong, the store does need to step it up a bit with their machines and restocking the cups even though it's WINTER! Lol But DAMN, someone give these guys a clip board or checklist or something because they mean Business. It was pretty damn funny. We also had some good conversations, one specifically being about being an "Indigo Child", having enhanced abilities. That would be righteous if I were to learn that I was an Indigo Child.

Wednesday night (last night) was awesome as well. Pretty much the same ordeal, except we had to clean off some snow off of our cars then chilled in the Sandrock (my truck), listened to some music, and chatted about stuff. After my mom bugged out over the phone about me being out "every" night and that we're getting mad snow, we ended up hanging out at my place and watched Black Dynamite. Funny ass movie.
Even though the roads are bad and there's mad snow outside and that it's still snowing this very minute, Deivy and I still had the nerve to drive through it to get some Burger King. Lol Gotta love having a Burger King that's 24 hour. ^__^ Now, as for tomorrow, I plan on having a very productive day regardless of the time I wake up. Preferably in the morning though. I have a lot of work to do and plan on getting it done. This is pretty much my agenda for Thursday:

Sketch Hockey Player/Superhero (Goalie) concept
    Work on Glenn's pictures (LMAO frames, 1-6)
    Sketch Mr. Print character design

    Finish Hockey Player/Superhero (Goalie)
    Work on Glenn's pictures (7-9)

    Storyboard Mr. Print animation
Work on Glenn's pictures (10-12)
    Sketch Adverrol logo design
    Work on Glenn's pictures (13-15)

Now hopefully, I'll be able to get at least like 3/4 of it done but we'll see. So until next time on...

Kieran's awesome Night-Vision Goggles

The Stuff of G.Teradoooooo!!!!!

P.S. Sylar keeps meowing in his sleep and it's fucking ADORABLE!!!


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