Saturday, February 25, 2012


Hello, hello again! I got a couple of updates for ya! EVERYONE is now drawn out for the zombie movie poster and it's only looking better. I also worked on the Ninja Mom movie poster some more and that one's looking pretty good too. I've decided to take another break because my thumb is beginning to hurt, I tend to kung fu grip my pen and the deeper into the picture I get, the tighter I squeeze. (That's what she said) Lol So yeah, I'm sorta debating if I wanna try to finish it tonight or tomorrow afternoon. I figured if I get that one out of the way, I could really focus on the other picture which has a lot more detail in it.

Tomorrow's a busy day though cuz I got work at 7am to 11am and then later that night, I am working an overnight shift from 9pm to 5am. So who knows if I'll feel like working on anything before that night shift. Technically, I only have about 3 days left to get these done, which leaves me Thursday to go out and make prints of my work. I really hope I'll have enough money for the prints, otherwise, I don't even know..

But here's what I got so far, I hope you guys are enjoying the progress! I'll catch you either on Monday or maybe Tuesday!

"It's Zombie Time"

"Ninja Mom"

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