Saturday, February 25, 2012


Why hello there FOLKS! I know I was suppose to have my work in progress posted up on Thursday, but I was just waaayyyy too beat to continue the work. I ended up not sleeping Wednesday night when I had work the following morning (Thursday) at 3. Lol So I practically just lounged around all day. And then Friday was my day off and lets just say I spent it like a day off and I know there's still so much to do sooo, DERP! But anyhow, I did manage to get some ish done today, I've been continuing the zombie movie poster because mainly it's one of the most detailed pictures I'm working on along with my friend's band Alice Practice, which is another zombie piece.

Here it is, so far I think it's lookin pretty badass and I hope all of you will agree...

It's Zombie Time: Deivy, Pat, and myself
The last person I have to add is Tombo, I believe I'm going to have him firing an M16. One of the biggest challenges with this illustration is drawing the guns mainly because I usually don't draw firearms that often. I, especially, had trouble with the AK47 that I'm holding in the picture (it may be hard to tell right now). Above the group, it will have our names listed along with the title and along the right side I'm going to draw in a bunch of zombie arms and hands reaching towards the group.

I can't wait til it's finished, I'm excited and also worried that it may not be ready by First Friday. Right now, I'm looking at 3 new pieces to show along with my older work at the event, but realistically I only see 2 of them being shown that night. We'll see though.

Well, that's all I have right now. I'm going to finish my little break with a cig and then back to work. I'll catch you all lata!

To Be Continued...

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