Thursday, June 28, 2012


Hey Guys! I know, long time, no blog. But I do have something new, in case many of you haven't seen on my Facebook page. I have a new zombie, meet Teresa Igler!

So I've been busy during the past couple of weeks. As many of you may know, I had recently moved out of my hometown with my bro and nephew. We're, now, living in Newark (3 blocks outside of Bloomfield) on the "doorstep of the ghetto". Lol But the place is nice and cheap. I have a lot of plans and projects that need to move along and after settling down here, I sorta went on an unexpected break or "hiatus" for awhile but I feel I am getting back on track hence, Zombie #5.

I've also been thinking a lot because now that I'm at my new home and having to actually pay rent, I'm in dire need of another or better job. Awhile ago, in one of the previous blogs, I expressed how serious I was about this project and how I wanted to treat it like a job. I've debated against myself and asked others about how I should approach the cost of a print, being if the customer wanted one. I went from charging $2 to $25. Reason being, simply because I do put a fair amount of hours into it whether or not the person wanted to pay for a print. I love posting and sharing the process and final results of my work online, which then makes it easy for the customer to just right click and "Save Image As" or whatever.

Which nowww, leads me to thinking of doing this; I'm going to ask every person on my list if they plan on buying a print (I can work on a deal if not for $25) and for any future customers, I will post and/or print the illustration for $25, plain and simple. Makes sense in my head =b This is just so I am actually being paid for the time and energy that I put into this project because I really do need the money. Right now, every paycheck I get, I split it for rent and necessities/groceries. I will never have enough to pay my loans, which is really bad.

With that being said, I really hope you guys understand how and why I'm charging that way. I tried to explain it as laid back as possible, but I sound like a dick when I read it to myself. Lol I really can't express how happy I am just with the love and support I'm already getting with the 5 zombies I've posted online. It's gonna be awhile until I post another one just so I can get a feel of how the future zombies will sell.

Oh and before I end this, because of the fact that some of my customers are fairly distant, I do have a PayPal account. So if you got one, we can definitely work something out, if not? Then, I'll meet you half way. Lol

So that concludes my blog for tonight, thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you guys soon! PEACE!!!

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