Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bring the Rain

Hey Everybody! I just wanna start off by saying THANK YOU to Everyone who's visited and Liked my Facebook page (Gerald N. Terado)!!! I honestly wasn't so sure how this was going to play out, but it's definitely more than I had expected. So THANK YOU for that!

Last night, I was doing a count from my ZOMBIFIED list and I had about 9 people to go. Today?.. There are 15 now (19 altogether). I didn't think I was gonna have that many after about 5 days. Lol But I am very pleased with where this is going so far. I check my Facebook insights pretty much obsessively, just checking the charts, the virality, how many people have seen it, all that good stuff. And just for the record, I have ALWAYS been into Zombies, always, which is why I think this whole Zombie thing that's going on is funny because it's so convenient right now. Who wouldn't wanna see themselves as a Zombie?

Well, there are a few out there so far...

I actually have some friends that refuse to be ZOMBIFIED because we're just so into the idea of being the Survivor and killing Zombies. Even, I debate against myself if I want to Zombify myself. Lol So because of that, I'm thinking (not quite sure yet) about doing a spin off sort of deal off of ZOMBIFIED and do a Survivor version. Maybe call it "Survivor/Slayers" or something like that. (I'll probably use that anyway) But for now, it's a thought.

I've been thinking a lot about scheduling who and how many zombies to illustrate on what day. For those 15 Zombies, I do need to get some references for each customer. And as of right now, I do feel confident that I can get at least 2 Zombies done each on Friday and Saturday and whatever other days I'd have off. I could get a Zombie done each day BUT I do factor in the chances in taking naps after work because sometimes I nap longer than I want to and then I don't start working until evening like 7ish. So we'll see how this week goes, I'm gonna try and feel it out and see if I could get one done each day or every other day. Right now, this is what my work schedule looks like for this weekend..

Monday (6/4) 3am-11am
Tuesday (6/5) 3am-11am
Wednesday (6/6) OFF
Thursday (6/7) 3am-10:30am
Friday (6/8) 3am-8am
Saturday (6/9) OFF

My Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays are consistent every week.

So that's all I have for ya right now, there's still so much of the day left, I may get started on the next Zombie so swing by my Facebook page in case I do!

In case you haven't seen any of the Zombies, here are the first 4 completed...

 Catch ya on the flip side! PEACE!!

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