Saturday, June 2, 2012


Hey Guys! So there may be a chance the ZOMBIFIED project is going to run a little bit slower. The reason being, my parents are moving back to the Philippines 6 days from now and I don't necessarily know how much longer my brother and I have to find and move into a new place after that. We checked out a place in Weehawken, NJ yesterday and it was nice. I just don't know if we got the green light yet. So there's that and I haven't even started packing yet and there's still quite a bit to do around the rest of the house so I feel it's gonna be a busy week.

This Summer, I really want to start animating again and start working on my new demo reel. And I feel once I'm settled in a new home, I can really just focus on that and my job and just save up. I just really hope that works out.

Today has just been a chill/relaxing day for me. I really didn't get a lot of sleep the past two days. On Wednesday night, I pulled an all nighter until I had to go to work at 3am to 10:30am.

Thursday: It was payday and EVERY payday my friend Joe and I go to Zapp Comics after work. By the time I got home, it was noon. It wasn't until about 2:30 I passed out until around 3. Then I had to show my paps how to download/install iTune's onto his computer, rip cd's onto it, how to sync music to his new iPod Touch, how to navigate in it and ALL. THAT. GOOD. JAZZ. (He's old school) After that demo, I had to do laundry with my bro. I didn't get to work on my next zombie until around 11 and by 1 or.


Friday: I had work from 5am to 10am. Then after work, that's when my brother and I checked out that place in Weehawken. At noon we got there and didn't get back until 2ish. Then I had to get ready, went to the mall with Vanessa til we had to meet with Tombo, Deivy, and Noel to go to our friend's (Elaine "Elmo" Morales) birthday party in Princeton, NJ. It was really fun, I got to reunite with some of my Philly friends and I got pretty fucked up. Lol We didn't get back in town until 2am or something like that. And then, I finally passed out around 3 or 4.

Left to Right: Noel, Kieran, Abner, myself, Elaine, and Will

The funny thing is, this morning, I woke around 6am and I was probably up for like 2 or 3 hours. Lol And that's when I started sleeping in 30min-1hour increments.

So that was the action from Thursday until now. I was just gonna post a short little update on Facebook but then it started to become longer as I was typing it. So I said, "Screw it, I'll just post a blog." And hither it is.

Stay tuned to my Facebook page, Gerald N. Terado, I may continue to work on my zombie shortly. Catch you guys later, PEACE!

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