Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A New Apartment, A New Foundation

Hey guys! It's been awhile, but I have been a bit busy recently. I just moved into a new apartment with my lady, here in Bloomfield NJ. It's been interesting adjusting to this new setting. I recently displayed art work at this event called SketchCon, which was AMAZING. There were so many different types of great artists with their work, I was pretty much geeking out while I was walking around checking out their stuff. If you go to my ZOMBIFIED page, you can check out the SketchCon album and see all the neat work that were displayed at the event. It was really exciting being there, I actually made a couple of sales and gave out a bunch of business cards. So I'm hoping more clients will come my way eventually. Also, last Thursday, I had a job interview which I think went well and hopefully I hear from them some time soon, I even sent them a follow up email thanking them for interviewing me and I will probably send them another one later.

So.. Zombified.. I've been thinking about doing commission work for Survivors as well as Zombified. In the beginning, I was sort of doing them as a token of my appreciation for reaching certain goals concerning the number of ZombiFans that I gain on Facebook. So we'll see what happens because I do want to start connecting everybody and showing their "subtle" involvement with each other both the undead and the living. And once I'm finished with Series 3, I will focus more on the animation. I believe adjusting to my new home, it will help me focus on what I love to do. With that said, I'm gonna get my stuff together and get them gears going and I will catch you all later! ^__^

Thanks for stopping by, don't forget to swing by the page for any additional updates or news!

Live, Love, and Kill Zombies.

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